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    Post How to create Dark mode shortcut in notification bar?

    You can use tiles from playstore to create dark theme tile, and yes it works great!
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    These are accent colours not theme Switch to dark theme to see change:p
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    Post Help Please! Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen Turns On But Remains Dark

    Try to backup your important data and perform a factory reset.
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    Post Heating Up

    You're not even supposed to use your phone when charging man. Using your phone while charging draws power from the battery to power the screen and other components. The competition between the usage and battery charger supplying charges causes your battery to overheat which will damage it in...
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    Post (HELP) Android 10 Gesture Navigation

    If you have a computer simply plug your device into it open a terminal and type adb shell cmd overlay enable Note: it's not a full implementation Since it's only will give Q gestures But animations will still based on stock launcher. If you want...
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    Post WhatsApp audio crackling after Android 10

    I found a fix. Just backup your chats and clear WhatsApp app data and cache. Enjoy!!
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    Post | ° •THE WALLPAPER FACTORY• ° | [Wallpapers][Pulldown Notification Backgrounds][NSFW]

    Please, does anyone have this wallpaper??
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    Post WhatsApp audio crackling after Android 10

    You're welcome. ---------- Post added at 06:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:47 PM ---------- It seems the WhatsApp audio with cracking noise is not completely fixed cos when you play an audio in WhatsApp and you minimise the app, though audio isn't coming out with noise but it...
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    Post WhatsApp audio crackling after Android 10

    #Patch Nokia 6.1 Plus Maintenance Release (Full OTA) DRG-415C-0-00WW-B01 Build Info: Android Version: 10 Build Fingerprint: Nokia/Dragon_00WW/DRG_sprout:10/QKQ1.190828.002/00WW_4_15C:user/release-keys Google Security Patch: 2020-05 Size:1.35GB Install method here. Release notes Credit to vicente001
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    Post Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen turning on when phone is put in vertical position

    Check if on-body detection in settings>security>smart lock and Lift to check phone gesture were automatically turned on and turn it off.