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    My cellphone has issues with screen alignment, I have to do the screen alignment 5x in a day.I have already Hard Reset the phone, Upgraded the ROM but still the problem presists, it works fine after screen alignment but all alignment is messed up after couple of hour.
    Hi ,
    I need your help . i have HTC - blackstone .I tried to update rom to 6.5 . being new i read the threads and downloaded rom .i tried to do it but really dont understand what spl & uspl is. one of the file got installed in my phone
    1) HSPLWrapper_Blackstone_156OliNex
    2)USPL GUI v 2.5
    3) RUU_Signed_Blackstone_stockSPL154
    4) BlackstoneRUUWrapper
    5) SSPL-Manual-TouchHD

    now the problem is that :-
    1) new rom is not installed .
    2) when the phone is re-started the green color is distorted specially the logo of windows mobile 6.1 .
    3) now the phone is not getting connected with computer , even in boot logger the issue is same .
    4) when trying to install the rom again the error shows 240 the file is open .
    5) now the boot logger shows blac 100 32 M - SPL - 1.56 OLINEX , Micro P-Blackstone (led ) V 6 .
    6)the rom v is is 1.18.707.3 (23358)WWE

    please help me and tell me how to get things right and install 6.5 .
    hey can u help me in upgrating my o2 atom with 5.0 windows.
    i want a new virsion of window in my atom.
    i realy grantfull if u told me some way oh that

    Please stop bothering the poor person, he's just an error message and can't answer your questions. This forum was created so people like you DON'T bother other people and can read up on things themselves.
    hi my name is rick am looking for some help to change the operating system on my htc kaiser touch screen phone please can you help me thanks.
    im a new here
    i bought an O2 XDA2 ppc.himalaya
    im using WM 6.1 but i dont have any internet connection even to my service provider which is smart from the philippines please help me sir...email me at [email protected] or even here..
    please give an apropriate software for my problem so i can download it or give me the website and the exact file name to be downloaded thank you very much...
    I'm new to this website and I need someone to walk me through the steps to change the theme on the Touch Pro. Do you know any third party software to the Instinct?
    i am a newbie.

    I bought an i mate pocket pc. Himalaya.

    Tried to upgrade it to 2003SE.

    My whole rom was erased.

    screen shows SERIAL and v1.06 and changes to USB when put into cradle - this is showing the whole time - i cant shut the phone down.

    Foor two whole days i've been trying to find a way to flash my ROM (through searching XDA developers & other sites) but no success.

    Mobile device centre does not recognise cradle ( though connected0 and SD card is not recognised when put into the phone.

    What should I do?
    hi, iam new to xda developer i just have a small problem iam the tmo wing and i have wm6.0 all iam trying to do is download the 6.1 pro the original one not the cook roms do you know how i could get it or download it please help thanks-ricky please send me ur response to my email at [email protected]
    Could you help me? I have a HTC Touch PRO wich i stupidly did a hard reset to and after the operation i remembered that i had some photos made a couple of days ago. Is there any way to read the phone internal flash memory via the usb connector in order to run some recovery software to try to get back at least some of the pictures? My mail adress is [email protected] Thank you verry much.
    How can i upgrade my i600samsung to wm6?Please tell me what games does i600 support?java games with jar or jad dont run:eek:!!!!!!!
    hey i am waiting for my tilt 8925 to be shipped to me. i guess it wasnt such a good idea for me to buy it from them, however i will tell you if somthing happens, hun.
    Good day
    I would like to know if there is a upgrade file/rom for the arcsoft mms composer from v3.0.7.19 to 5.0.31.x

    Please advise if there is one, or how i can get my composer to above version.

    Thank you
    Hello my name is Jered my ? is I have the htc wizard & was wondering if it is a way to transfer using wm5storage to transfer music/video files from my phone to a mp3 player without using a computer? thank you
    Hi my name is avi
    pls. i need your help
    i have unlock my SPV M650 German (from Switzerland), the unlock is working but i have problem with my Active-Synch it das not work any more and also Wlan i cannot activeted , i have check all setting with another M650 and its work with my not ,
    pls. help
    tnk avi
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