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  • Hello
    i have problem to install your theme on my xperia.
    Can you help me please.
    Because i dontknow what is Manila editor.
    Should i download it on my device or my pc?
    I tried on my device but there is an error.
    ANd it is need .net freework 2.0 something like that.
    Thank you for help
    Thank you for help
    sorry to keep hassling you, but when i put the manila files in the windows directory for the jewelry/gold theme on tflo3d it says 'replace existing files' [yes] or [no]? which am i supposed to choose. thanks again mate. your a top bloke!
    Japp jag har kolla på den, har suttit och läst en del här på xda i väntan på X1:an.

    OK, tack så mycket.
    Japp jag är från mörka småland i Sverige
    Jag får min X1:a på måndag från Dustin. Har varit restad i 3 veckor, men nu skall den vara på väg:)
    thanks for the links mate. did you download the diamond touchflo 3d config?

    thanks again
    alrite geezer, any chance of getin a download of your cool bling customising on the touchflohd rip for my x1
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