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    Post [ROM] [March 25] Nimax 7.1 | v30G | UX4 - UX5 | D850 - D851 - D855 - VS985 |

    LTE Bug? Looks like I've found a bug? Not sure how I should approach this. I'm running a LGD851, using T-Mobile as my carrier. I've noticed that I'm not getting LTE service. I've tried into the settings/Mobile Networks section. I did notice that the preferred network mode is set to...
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    Post CM13 Unofficial (QnA) and ROM link included D851

    Wait, Bluetooth as in Bluetooth LE?
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    Post CM13 Unofficial (QnA) and ROM link included D851

    Awesome, looking forward to testing it out!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    Bluetooth LE doesn't work unfortunately. :( It finds my laptop (non-LE), but not my bluetooth-LE enabled device. Will do a clean flash soon and see if that helps any. I just dirty-flashed the latest version over the previous one to see if it would work.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    If I may ask, what changed in this version?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    Alright, I'm running your 0.8 ROM for the time being. Tried to do a dirty flash over it just for giggles, but of course that didn't work as well. I did notice one thing on your ROM however - tap2wake seems to work, even if it's in my pocket. On LG's stock ROM, it'd utilize the proximity sensor...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    No go - bootloops for me. I'll try reflashing.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    Thanks man! Downloading it right now. Will update how it goes.
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    Post Got an Adware after intalling those:

    I'm pretty sure it's the Root Checker - I installed it last night after I re-rooted my phone. I got the very same full-page ad. It was an ad that asked you to test the new 'iPhone 7' and actually vibrated my phone when it displayed that ad. I've only done two things - use the same root method...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    No problem - I've been wanting to find a ROM that supports Bluetooth LE (apart from the stock ROM) so if it works here, that'd be really amazing! I have a bluetooth LE device so I can test it out and see if it does work.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] SlimSaber [d851][10/26/15][LOLLIPOP 5.1.1]

    I'm willing to test. Any idea if Bluetooth LE is supported in this ROM?
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    Post [ROM][unofficial]Sonic Open Kang Project 6.0[SOKP][d851][7/7/15][5.1.1]

    Does Bluetooth LE work in this ROM? I've been looking for a custom ROM that has Bluetooth LE support, but unfortunately, I've had to stick with stock ROMs so far.
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    Post [Q] Wireless Charging and LG G3

    In my post, I have already mentioned that the pins are making contact with the sticker.
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    Post KDZ available for D85120E!

    Pssst. The original link:
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Bliss Pop v6.3 [d851][MM][05-24-16][download][ota]

    Any update to this? I'm having the same issue - I can see Bluetooth devices, but not devices that use Bluetooth LE.