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  • i mean cook a rom for 91x with glisten rom. is it possible?

    hmm.. then i'll wait till u have u'r spare time to make another perfect rom for 91x ussers

    thanks keyx
    you mean cook a room for glisten or for 91x? there isn't much usable stuff from Glisten source (or at least i don't have time to dig through)
    cause I don't need a very stable rom,I like more finger friendly interface and test out new feature. 21888 is for people need a stable rom and prefer old interface
    hi keyx,

    its a pleasure that you have cooked the rom for 91x users. since you have the source rom for HP Glisten, could you cook the rom for us? it will be greatful for us 'the 91x' users to thank you very much.. ;)

    Hi Keyx,

    I was tipped at the HP Supportforums to contact you, I've got a iPAQ 914c which seems non-responsive; HP ROM Update stops at 50% (error 402 @ WinXP SP3), DNW.exe shows no progress, FLASH.DIO on SD (no SDHC) keeps ending with "Update Error! Pls Check!". I'm running out of options, do you have any ideas/options?

    For additional information/screens I'd like to refer to the HP forum where I posted some more information, Erez Yadgar helped me too; See this link, I posted my message at 16th of December.

    Thanks in advance!

    I wanted 2 know if u can help me with ipaq 900 rom
    I have seen u add some notes that monto used 128dpi and u fixed it 2 96dpi
    I know there are issue of selecting soft keyboard on the new build and this is way I cant use this rom
    Im from Israel and we use Hebrew layout and my qwestion is

    1 can u make a Hebrew rom 4 the ipaq 900 with the last build 96dpi
    all u need is in the ipaq 900 cab that can be found in the txt link from here
    (in the cab u will find: light ver of fingKB, hard key support. Rtl support ,heb fonts, Israel wince.nls …)

    2 can u make this rom without the virtual keys in the low row of the screen (the ipaq 900 has small screen so..) it will look like old builds (or like new ipaq k3 wm6.5 rom)
    If u need anything my mail is [email protected]
    Tnx erezyad
    Hi! I am from Ukraine and I like WM 6.5 24M very mach!!!) but it will better for me to have it on my native language...can I ask you to make RUSSIAN WM 6.5 with manila for me??? Please!!! Our country will proud of you!!!)))
    i am beginer to learn flash 612c rom
    no ecperience before.
    hope keyx can answer me few questions
    1. if i want to copy the existing HP rom what can i do ?
    2. before i flash your cooked rom is it need to run hspl ? but i dont know which is suit hp612c
    3. i want to flash it to eng rom and how can i read chinese too

    best regards
    hi Keyx, been a big follower and fan of your 6xx rom, and i'm testing the latest now. is there anyhow you can change the size of the default virtual keyboard on the ipaq 6xx, so it's more finger-friendly? thanks in advance... and you've done a great job "jailbreaking" ipaq 6xx users from the useless HP original ROM... ^^

    hi there guru, any news on the 21500 3.6 tweak to fix the text messaging and powering off? - superb work by the way
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