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  • (New black icons in photo tab by kidnamedAlbert (my hat to you, sir)

    I found that you did these for TWolf Black Vista. I was wondering if it is possible to get the icons only, I like them best of all the icond for 2d and would like to have them seperate to install w/2d Customizer when i change my themes. Can you help?
    BTW enjoy your work and will buy ya drink.

    Thanks Wayne aka NascarKid
    hi al can you pease explain to me in your htc diamond suite how did you get the htc home tabs on the bottom of the screen. ive tried so many ways and cant figure it out?
    A very pleasent day wished to you by me, and hope that this msg finds you healthy and wealthy ;).
    Can you tell me if you are still working on Carbon 3? There is not been a single day that i didn't check for it.
    Please let me know if you are still working on it. I hope you did not mind me asking you, i asked because you haven't updated us on this for a very long time.
    Take care bro. Best wishes to you.
    how i can edit this
    Edit the HTCHomeSettings.xml, how can i locate xml n how can i edit it....
    does Diamond Audio Manager work on windows mobile 6.1 I have the AT&T Tilt which is the HTC TYN II, once i download there is not an icon anywhere and I can only find the app in my documents but it only gives me the option to redown load
    does the Diamond Audio Manager work on windows 6.1 when I download does not give me an icon, cant find it anywhere
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