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    Post Looking for oemInfo for P9 EVA-L09C150

    Hi. Will there be a person who will help? Is there nothing to count on?
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    Post Huawei P9 EVA-L09 firmware B366 Nougat- TWRP installed - Working Root method

    And you tried this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/p9/development/root-supersu-2-81-emui-5-t3612258
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    Post [GUIDE] Debranding to C432 and updating to B361 (Nougat) for EVA-L09

    Hey. Before changing c150 to c432 make copies of your oeminfo. And if you have oeminfo-c150 then I invite you here :D https://forum.xda-developers.com/p9/help/looking-oeminfo-p9-eva-l09c150-t3672405 I'm looking to get back on the brand operator. Sorry for my English
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    Post Looking for oemInfo for P9 EVA-L09C150

    If I knew it earlier, I would do it. This is my first huawei. So before I did anything I read everything exactly. But somehow in the instructions to change the oeminfo on c432 there was nothing written to change before making backup of your oeminfo. Or maybe I did not read? I hope someone is...
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    Thread Looking for oemInfo for P9 EVA-L09C150

    HI. After debranded my P9 I'd like to rollback to C150. Can anyone help?
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    Post [TOOL] Make Backup of OEMINFO

    I need oeminfo EVA-L09 C150. Please!!