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    Post Android 10 is rolling out (52.1.A.0.532)

    Same here, no HDR In youtube you can see how HDR activates and deactivates in a second when you resize the video screen
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    Post does video capturing support HDR??

    When recording in 1080/30 with automatic mode sometimes it shows a "backlight" icon or "Backlight portrait", then is using HDR to correct the backlight over the subject
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    Post Which max SD card speed is supported by XZP?

    Not sure, but I have one wich writes up to 90MB/s and reads up to 100MBs (Samsung EVO Plus U3 SDXC I 256GB) (tested in PC) and from SD to internal (reading) I've seen 80MB/s and from internal to SD (writing) most times is about 50MB/s but sometimes it gets higher, not sure if its a limitation or...
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    Post why cant we record HDR videos?

    Yeah, it takes HDR video but the "old basic" HDR which takes different exposure values, not the 10bit HDR wich takes wide colour gamut
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    Post why cant we record HDR videos?

    the phone actually takes HDR video, but there is two tipes of HDR Almost every phone can take hdr videos since it ws introduced by the first Xperia Z, even before HDR photos, since HDR photos needs to combine 2 or more pictures, and video is actually a combination of pictures, so HDR video was...
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    Post does video capturing support HDR??

    The video recording is HDR, but not 10bit HDR as the XZ2 There is 2 types of HDR: The "old" HDR, wich was made to record video in backlight conditions, being able to record with diferent exposition values avoiding white sky and dark subjects, the same as you know as HDR in photos, so the video...
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    Post What is the best white balance setting?

    Each screen have its own white balance, so no one can give you a perfect white balance for your phone, just adjust it until you like it
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    Thread Screenshots of a 4K video?

    Hi, I tried to take a screenshot from a 4K video to use it as a 4K wallpaper and in every 4K video the screenshots only shows a black screen There's any software limitation that limits taking 4K screenshots? Any solution?
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    Post Any easy way to fix Cinema Amoled colors?

    The screen is OK, with adaptative the white is good, with Photo is warm white Im using MX player, and stock and the screen chage into Cinema with all video apps I tried, including Youtube I'll try another video apps not so popular and look if the screen doesnt turn into Cinema Mode, but I'd...
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    Thread Any easy way to fix Cinema Amoled colors?

    Hi, in my opinion Cinema Amoled mode makes red/orange look weird Like intense red turns into somethink like grey/red and orange turns into yellow I was trying to watch The Martian and everithing looks yellow, like the red sand of mars is the prrcise tone of red that changes into yellow (so i...
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    Post New with the tablet, random shut downs

    Thank You, any way to repair without buying another battery? People say to fix the connection by closing the female pins but they are tooooo small so there is no way I could make it fit thight, by the way, If I buy an original samsung battery how I know it wont happen again to the new one...
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    Post New with the tablet, random shut downs

    thank you, I searched on google by using another keywords and I found nothing wich describes my problem, but thay seem to be the problem as I read. i really though it was be a software problem, if it is the battery connector how does it "autofix" when I plug in? And how does it always crash on...
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    Thread New with the tablet, random shut downs

    Hi, i have a Tab S 8.4 and I was using it and suddenly the tablet turns off, I tryed to tun on but nothing, it was totally dead, with 63% of de battery remaining and with no apps installed, just made a factory reset 1h ago, i tried every key combination to turn on but nothing, totally dead, when...
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    Post Tab Pro 8.4-how I fixed oversensitive screen

    Hi everyone, Finally i sent my tablet to repair and after 3 times in wich they only "update firmware" (they only do a factory reset, the firmware was the same) I ask to change the screen or i will keep sendin until they finally change it because as I told them it was not a software issue...
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    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 screen sensitivity

    I compare it with some exposition units in stores and looks the same, maybe all were warm I have it since more than a month, brought online, so im going to send it to repair but I'll add a post-it in the screen explaining the issue, how I do to detect it, and the screen zone where its easier to...