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    Post Philips Android TV

    maybe someone here is able to help me: I posted here already a while ago. I have a 55puf6850/t3 (a Model, exclusive sold in China) it is running some sort of android (rooted!) but I’m. It able to interact with the ambilight. I try to sync my hue lights, but all the known solutions don’t work...
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    Post Philips Android TV

    thank you ozontec for sharing. like i expected the files are odexed, so may you please be so kind and puss respective framework*.apk for me too (i guess also 2 akp's) thank you very muuch
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    Post Philips Android TV

    Hello, is someone with a rooted TV able to upload org.droidtv.ambihue for me somewhere. i would like to investigate how the tv is conected to the HUE light system. i own a 55PUF6850 with android. unfortunatelly neighter ambiehue nor the TV-remote are able to find the TV thank you very much
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    Post [WIP] [Fonts] 45 individual Flip Fonts - NOT working on the Galaxy S7

    Best would be one of the original apk files which are compatible with s7 Samsung sans maybe
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    Post Samsung TouchWiz 6.0 Dark Theme Request

    Thats why he recommends to freeze themestore after you have applied the theme. ( Otherwise after 5min. It willbe reverted
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    Post [WIP] [Fonts] 45 individual Flip Fonts - NOT working on the Galaxy S7

    Is anyone with a rooted s7 able to pull and send a working font to me? I would like to decompile apk and check the difference. Maybe we can patch the old fonts Thank you
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    Post Always on Display Landscape Mode

    Me too. Used this app in the past with my s3/s4 and my first mirrorlink radio
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    Post Iron man theme

    Yes they work but clock or weather are not themed
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    Post Always on Display Landscape Mode

    I'm using For autorotate. Works for touchwiz and lockscreen. Unfortunately not for Always on screen
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    Post [ROM]GLAMOURS5™ | Version 8 | KK | Latest S5 TouchWiz | 3. Nov

    Have you heard about adb push, adb pull, chmod and chown You dont need a zip File for a rom...
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    Post [MOD] Drivelink (Mirrorlink) Full Mirroring

    AW: [MOD] Drivelink (Mirrorlink) Full Mirroring Packagename: If you open Google play store Web version and search f.e. For navigon you get this link The part behind id is the package name
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    Post [Q] Port MOD from SGSII

    Jkays Frameworks also have back to kill Feature Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
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    Post [MOD] JKay Deluxe 14.95 for XXEMD2/C3/2/ - Free Deluxe Settings Lite. Dev. stopped

    Swipe the statusbar down on the right side for the toggles If you swipe the statuary down on the leaf side you got only the notifications
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    Post [ROM] Android Open Kang Project - maguro - JB

    ROMControl FIX V1.2 for German users. use with BETA 29 download here (only for lockscreen menu FC, like in b28)