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    Post [A515x] PARAM Builder [TWRP] [ BootLogo, Download mode . . .]

    Wow dude, relax. I really didn't mean to offend you. I've been in the same shoe you have been. Likewise, I just find it funny that we get into this trouble just because we wanted to change the boot animation, lol. This thread was on the first page of this section. Unfortunately, there isn't...
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    Post [A515x] PARAM Builder [TWRP] [ BootLogo, Download mode . . .]

    Damn, all that trouble just for a bootsplash change lmao.
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    Post Debloat Samsung A51 (No root) and get crazy performance!

    I'm not able anymore to access "Sound quality and effects" in the settings. Anyway to reinstall? I found out what the solution was. So when deleting pm uninstall -k --user 0 And reinstalling pm install-existing --user 0
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    Post Global A51 Telegram group

    Can't seem to join :c
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    Post Activate Bluetooth Dual Audio

    Can you link the app?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OneUI]G935X/G930X]BlackDiamond NFE Port V5.0

    Can someone mirror the latest version. Or make a torrent. the download seems to go from 25kb/s to 0...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy A51 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Could you provide a link? Looks great!
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    Post My Problems with Samsung Galaxy A51 After 12 hours using

    I don't use it on this phone since it doesn't have a sensor for that. It uses your front camera. Which drains your battery and isn't that accurate as a light sensor. So I keep it at manual. I don't mind personally.
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    Post Unlocked Performance Capped

    After using it for a while I'm also truly amazed by the performance. I really have much hope for future mid tier samsung phones :)
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    Post Post your A51 Homescreen Setups!!

    I'm so sorry, I've been busy lately. Couldn't really get the time to make a nice home screen. I made this today, but personally am not satisfied yet
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    Post [App] Energy Ring - Battery indicator for Galaxy A51!

    Could this also work when screen is off?
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    Post Post your A51 Homescreen Setups!!

    I'll be posting something soon :P
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    Post Unlocked Performance Capped

    Same, but look at it this way. t's a cheap phone so you can buy a new phone any time soon. Plus you don't really have to be careful with your phone like you would with a flagship device. I'm planning to get the note 10 in the summer and give this phone to my mom :angel: