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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r158 OP7/T/Pro] [A11 OOS]

    latest update running smoothly on OB 4 OnePlus 7T.. Thank you 👍
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    Post Need (OP7T) OB3_Patched_Boot_Magisk (Indian variant)

    Thanks mate. It really helped and at the same time got to learn new stuff.. though I struggled to understand.. but finally achieved roit on my phone using the above method:good:
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r158 OP7/T/Pro] [A11 OOS]

    Unfortunately even I'm having issues with finger print scanner.. although enrollment was successful..
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    Thread Need (OP7T) OB3_Patched_Boot_Magisk (Indian variant)

    Hiya, can someone share the OB3_Patched_Boot_Magisk (Indian variant) please.. I had to factory reset my phone and lost the root.. :(
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    Post [GUIDE] How to Root OnePlus 7T without TWRP

    Even I'm getting similar option "Download Zip Only" and "Select and Patch a File" after updating to 10.0.5 version.. how did you fix? Thanks
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    Post Elemental kernel working!

    +1 even I haven't faced any issues on the latest version.. no random reboots.. phone seems to be very responsive.. battery life looks on par with stock.. fp is working as expected... no issues while scrolling through chrome.. IMHO Elemental looks pretty stable..:good:
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    Post ❯ [APP] ❯❯ UNLIMITED Free Fast VPN ❯❯❯ DNS CHANGER with ADBLOCKER (1000+ servers)

    Brainlab.. after the last update.. I'm unable to access any of the VPN service...
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    Post (Last Beta) Poco F1 Miui 10 9.6.27 Global Beta Update – Download Link

    I dirty flashed latest global 8.12.4 over 8.11.29.. and immediately most of the apps & Bluetooth started crashing.. clean flash is working just perfect.. hope it helps.... ?
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    Magisk 17.3 beta is working flawlessly on latest global beta 27
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    Post [KERNEL] Sphinx Kernel [10/11] [4.9.261] [Clang 11] [13.03.2021] v3.6

    milouk Thank you for supporting our POCO and for all the work that made my phone blazing fast with amazing SOT .. I had no issues with MIUI 10 Global 8.11.23 beta + Sphinx Kernel v1.9 + Balanced.. however yesterday I installed MIUI 10 Global 8.11.27 beta+ Sphinx Kernel v1.9 + Balanced and my...
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    can you share the version and link to the Dolby that you have ?.. thank you
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    Post ❯ [APP] ❯❯ UNLIMITED Free Fast VPN ❯❯❯ DNS CHANGER with ADBLOCKER (1000+ servers)

    Appreciate if you can share the redeem code please and thank you for this great app ??
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    Post BSG Google Camera port - 7.4.104 (June 18)

    Can someone make a mirror please.... for some reason I'm not able to access the link.. thankyou
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][8.0.0] ExperienceOS R46.0 + Extensions [OOS 5.0.5 + OB39 Based]

    @ jamal2367 do you the last addon aroma zip that had Dolby.. can't find old files in download page.. Thank you