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    Post [July 1][APP][BOOTANIMATIONS BIBLE] Nexus 4 home of the Boot Box project.

    The tips on the video worked easily. Currently using "Particles", and it looks really nice ! Thanks ! :highfive: Rom : Paranoid Android (AOSP).
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    Post French translator for helping Rom Devs

    @ a.cid : Thank you ! But it seems like they already added french in their last version (1.0.3). Anyway, I'm still up and motivated to help you guys, whatever you're working on ! :good:
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    Thread French translator for helping Rom Devs

    Hello, I'm a 31yo French guy who have some free time and who likes translations and phones roms :) I would be glad helping you translating your roms into french (menus, settings,...). I have a good knowledge of technical and phone related terms. If you cook some roms and want to add French...
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    Post [APP] Booting Windows 95 / Windows 98 on DHD

    Works on CM7-PNK22. Mouse control by sliding, double click is not always easy tough. Can't think about any 'useful' thing to do with win95 for now but still can be something to show to your geek friends ;)