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Recent content by KlasySkvirel

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    Post Charging problems on pixel experience

    Hmm, that's kind of sad, means I'll probably need to go back. Even though PE has been really nice now, with the official version. Also doesn't seem like many others have the issue considering there is almost no information about it, so probably no fix.
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    Post Charging problems on pixel experience

    Hmmm, I checked now and sadly doesn't work with laptop, desktop or other wall plugs.
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    Thread Charging problems on pixel experience

    Just wondering if anyone else has been having problems with anything USB related using pixel experience with extras (Don't remember the exact name). And if so how you fixed it. I have tried a lot of different cables and I also know they both work on other phones and other ROMs. This isn't the...
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    Post DU 12 - X2

    Quick question, is one handed mode going to be added? And if it will be, is there a specific time frame.
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    Post DU 12 - X2

    I tried that but what opens Up is the Google feed part of the app. And yes i have THE right language as it sats i have activated google assistant but then when i calibrate My voice model it gives me One from either voice search or Google now
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    Post DU 12 - X2

    Google assistant So i'm wondering if this rom works with Google assistant, as i have tried to use it, but it never worked.
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [22-03-2018] Resurrection Remix v6.0.0 [x2]

    Problems with google assistant. So basically when I try to open or set up google assistant what opens up is the set up for Google voice search, now I hope that it is only me that is being stupid as otherwise, I love this rom. What I have tried: disabling google voice search, factory resetting...