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    Post UPPERCUT: Add Any LG Device to LGUP for TOT/KDZ Flashing (G4|G5|G6|V10|V20|MORE???)

    Hi, I really need your help. I am Stuck in Firmware Update mode with my LG g8s, model: G810EAW It was running the latest android version v30b before I bricked it... I installed uppercut and LG UP etc, the phone is recognized by LG UP and COM is set 41. Now, when I try to flash the .kdz, it...
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    Post Rooting the G8s - Guide

    Thank you for providing this! I flashed it just a few minutes ago. Magisk 25.1 still shows N/A though. Any clue what I should do? I've done this twice with earlier Androidversions on this phone and it worked. Edit: It works now. I had to flash the image twice, one on boot_a and one on boot_b So...
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    Post Rooting the G8s - Guide

    Hi! I rooted my G8s successfully some time ago using this thread. (security patch of january 2020, Android 9) Thank all of you for your instructions and help! (: I added two screenshots of my setup. What do I need to do in order to update to Android 10? Can I just use LGs update tool? Sorry for...
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    Post Rooting the G8s - Guide

    Thank you so much! Everything is running without any issues for me. I unlocked the bootloader, installed magisk manager and then flashed your new magisk_boot.img (January Update), opened magisk manager again and :D I wouldn't ever want to go back to a unrooted device after years of using my G4...
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    Post Rooting the G8s - Guide

    I'm facing the exact same Problem. That's sad as I bought this phone only few days ago when I read root was available :( My G8s is on 1. january patch. Is it safe to use your provided Magisk boot.img? I'm a little worried because of the guys here mentioning bootloops/bricks
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    Post The bootloader for the G8s can be unlocked!!

    I was able to unlock my G8s LM-G810EAW aswell :) Let's hope there will be a custom recovery soon!
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    Post [app][xposed][5.0+] app2vr

    Just tried to play shovel knight. it launches perfectly, but still, not able to use it because there is no blurtooth controller support in app2vr mode. OS is 6.0 Android on my LG G4. ---------- Post added at 03:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:19 PM ---------- I certainly would pay...
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    Post [app][xposed][5.0+] app2vr

    Hi! I'm very impressed with what you achieved there! Is there any way to get bluetooth controllers to work with this? I use a bluetooth gamepad for android, which works fine out of the box with my LG G4. However, when I am in app2vr mode, I can see the simulated mousecursor, but can't...
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    Post [App][2.0] No WhatsApp read receipts

    Same for me. I tried it with two phones next to each other. as long as I stay in the chat windows with the other phone, it works flawlessly and would be definately my weapon of choice. sadly, if I leave this window and tap another conversation, launch another app or just leave the phones screen...