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    Post [ROM][11.0][taimen] PixelExperience [AOSP][OFFICIAL]

    You can find that info here:
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    Post [GUIDE]Convert Docomo SO-05G to SGP771

    Very cool to see somebody do something new with these. The hardware is still superb; it's such a pity that the software was abandoned while it was still so young. I'd love to see Oreo or Pie on these.
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    Post Oreo update starts rolling out today!

    And in two years, you'll find that you have to replace that to get the latest Wear version again. Screw that, I won't be buying another smartwatch from anyone. ---------- Post added at 12:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 PM ---------- I'd return it, if I were you. Huawei has...
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    Post Just received OTA - Oct 5th security patches

    Interesting, I'm also on the October 5th, 2017 security patch level and Android OS 7.1.1, but I have completely different version numbers just ten days after you. Mine are: Android Wear Google Play 11.7.46 (530-175121617) Kind of weird that they'd bother releasing Wear 2.5.x...
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    Post Little bit bent/twisted Xperia XZ (6 months of use)

    A sample size of one person isn't enough to declare a widespread problem. It's just as likely if not more so that it's something to do with your own setup or your unintended biases. ---------- Post added at 04:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:29 PM ---------- The number of bars is...
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    Post Xperia™ XZ Oreo / 8.0 {*New* / 03.11.2018 / 41.3.A.2.192} + FTF Files

    Unless you're on Hong Kong firmware, in which case you're still on December security patches. :-/
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    Post Sony can't or won't fix nougat Bluetooth metadata issue

    Customer service / tech support people at basically any company do not have information on release dates until they are imminent, and do not typically have a way to escalate problems to the developers. You're talking to the wrong people.
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    Post Huawei Watch: any user? "Lost Pairing" bug when using audio?

    Yes, it happens on this phone, or at least on my XZ Dual version. But it also happens on other phone *and* watch brands, and as far as I can tell is a Google bug, not a phone / watch manufacturer bug.
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    Post Xperia Z4 tablet and Android 7.0 Nougat

    Oh yes, don't misunderstand me. This is hands-down the best tablet on the market, and I'm thrilled I got one. I figure I should easily get another 2-3 years out of it, by which time someone will likely have released something better and I'll just have to jump brands if I'm right.
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    Post Why is the phone so laggy?

    Sounds like a misbehaving app. You should easily be able to get 6-8+ hours screen on just by turning the brightness down some, if there's no app hogging all the power.
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    Post Xperia Z4 tablet and Android 7.0 Nougat

    I'd say there's very, very little chance we'll ever see a followup to this tablet. * The Tablet Z arrived just six months after the Tablet S. The Z2 Tablet followed 12 months later. The Z3 Tablet Compact followed after another 7 months, and the Z4 Tablet another 8 months later. It has been 19...
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    Post Xperia XZ Dual Sim, Is This Phone Worth Buying ?!

    Very happy with mine. It feels lovely, it's fast and smooth in operation, battery life is sufficient and call quality is the best of any mobile phone I've ever used. Really, my only issue with it at all is that the fingerprint reader struggles badly if you're even slightly sweaty. ----------...
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    Post How is the headphone jack socket quality?

    No problems here on my Xperia XZ Dual (admittedly only had it a few weeks), nor any problems on my Xperia Z2 (had it for 2.5 years). One single device is finicky with my Xperia Z4 Tablet, but I'm guessing that's down to the device itself as cables seat firmly and all other devices work fine.
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    Post XZ on T-Mobile LTE

    I'm using an Xperia XZ Dual on T-Mobile USA with no problems whatsoever.