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    Post [ROM][12.0][STARLTE/STAR2LTE] Project Elixir [OSS][OFFICIAL][TWELVE][AOSP]

    Dirty flashed crom 1.5 to 1.8 on S9 StarLTE, from system update, all works, only Magisk needed to be reinstalled after flash. Thanks
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    Post [Help][Guide][Philippines]SM-N9860 TGY/BRI/CHC Snapdragon Users|5G Reception Fix|Updated Guide for OneUI4.0

    Hi, i have Hong Kong TGY version with new A12 UI4.1 in UK, with this update i lost 5G as well. No way to use service menu to activate it back 😪
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    Post [Help][Guide][Philippines]SM-N9860 TGY/BRI/CHC Snapdragon Users|5G Reception Fix|Updated Guide for OneUI4.0

    Hello all, Any updates how to remove NR Whitelisting on samsung 5G N20U ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Project Elixir OS for Galaxy S9 / S9+

    Hi, One of the best ROM for SM-G960F so far! Only problem I have, is DEX doesn't work at all 😭 As it's proprietary Samsung part 😬
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    Post Android Q Desktop Mode

    Hi, you are right, after recent update, touchpad and keyboard stopped working. So that's why I replace my OP7T Pro with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and now i have full support with DEX.
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    Post Post your Note 20 Ultra Home Screen

    What is the name of your weather widget please
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    Post [ROM] Sac23 Note 20 Ultra N986X Custom Rom 10_21_21 OneUIi 3.1 (Snapdragon)

    I had the same thing, try to reboot your phone after unlocking developer menu.
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    Post [08.08.22] N986B I N985F/DS I Dr.Ketan ROM I OneUI 4.1 I OneUI 3.1

    If you have AdAway installed with this ROM, try to switch OFF -> Settings/Root based ad blocker/Enable web server
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    Post [Guide] How to root N20 Ultra (N986B)(N9860)

    I did not flash TWRP, only stock recovery.
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    Post [Guide] How to root N20 Ultra (N986B)(N9860)

    Hi, I have one from wondamobile, Mystic Black 512GB. All works well, just follow instructions in first post. Only issue is, you have some info on bootloader in Korean instead of English. I had my second phone with Gtranslator ready :) After root, samsung pay and google pay won't work, as there...
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    Post [Guide] How to root N20 Ultra (N986B)(N9860)

    Hi, I can confirm positive root on my new N9860 HK from WondaMobile. All seems to be OK except Magisk SafetyNet ctsProfile.
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Taskbar - PC-style productivity for Android

    Don't think so, recent app update was on June 2020. I'm using Taskbar 6.0, it's solid good on my OP7 T Pro! I have few suggestions: 1. Way to unlock the phone with external keyboard/touch screen. Now only way to do it, is on the phone. 2. Notifications displayed on external screen. As for...
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    Post Android Q Desktop Mode

    I'm not using Slack. But e.g. Whatsapp only works full screen on Desktop Mode. Excel and Word works fine, with a bit large font.
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    Post Android Q Desktop Mode

    All function are enabled by default Android Q Desktop Mode. Taskbar 6.0 is like a missing piece of desktop mode, where Google drop it's development. It's pretty usable, I have at least 2-3h a day of work on it now. My old heavy laptop is collecting dust ?