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  • hy kool, wanna ask you about my t mobile shadow

    i can't find my "BK_02_0005.img"

    and when i double click bkondisk, it can't run.

    when the first time, it can, but no BK_02_0005.img, so i delete it and can't run it for the second time, can you help me?



    Edited :

    sorry, my model is shadow ii, the colour is white, i just to know it won't work with it.

    thx. and sorry my english is very bad.
    I just got Lobster with Simlock for Virgin . Could you help me to unsimlock ?
    What kind of file you need from me ?

    Best regards
    janusz aka jas_pik
    send me the bk file that you generate from your WING, and i will see. As we are friends where are u from??
    I didn't personally post it there no, another member did. Thanks for the update, looking forward to unlocking my Wing!
    did you post it on allshadows.com i think i saw a post there, i have some exam to pass now but don't mind i will jump on it as soon as i finish my exams
    hey man, been a couple weeks. was just wondering how the unlock program for the wing was going. no rush, just hoping for an update. great work on the shadow unlocker, its been huge!
    Awesome man, I was about to pay to get it unlocked too. I can be patient as long as I know its coming. Thanks for the great work on the Shadow unlocker!
    Hi. please explain how unlock htc excalibur. My htc excalibur it's unlock sim.Please explain how unlock free. thanx
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