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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for castor/castor_windy

    Wich version of magisk is recommended for this ROM version? i Trying to installl magisk 23, with not success :(
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    Post LineageOS 17.1 for Xperia Z2

    I have this Behavior with some videos (IGTV) on Instagram
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    Post APTX codec support

    You have to keep magisk installed, if you remove it, your module will stop working....
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    Post APTX codec support

    I test a Note 8 Pro with an APTX enabled headphones (Sony XB950B1) and it connects to them using AAC protocol, If you want to know more about Bluetooth Audio Codecs, i recomend this article, is large, but i think is very explanatory: Greetings
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    Post [APP][4.0+] Music Pro - Play Youtube Music [PROMOTION CODES]

    I don't think so, because of the following written in OP So..... I think theres no one left...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][P] ⚛ CarbonROM Opal | Sony Xperia Z2 ⚛

    It would be WONDERFUL!! :good::D :fingers-crossed:
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    Post [ROM][P][9.0] Aosp Extended Pie for Xperia Z2 (Sirius) [12.07.2019]

    Yes you totally right about this issue, but in the past I have use the ROM version/kernel combination you write and I have serius heating problems whit my phone. Right now, practically the overheating fault doesn't exist, the phone has some heating, but not at the previous levels the question...
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    Post [ROM][P][9.0] Aosp Extended Pie for Xperia Z2 (Sirius) [12.07.2019]

    Some body get the Mic disabled when use the loudspeaker?, I did some test and this happens to me, with the normal speaker the mic works OK
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    Post [ROM][P][9.0] Aosp Extended Pie for Xperia Z2 (Sirius) [12.07.2019]

    Can you use Cyberian Camera with this ROM?
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    Post [ROM][LOLLIPOP][LB/UB][5.1.1] eXistenZ Premium | 7.0.0 | FINAL | 16/02

    You can use Magisk with this Rom? thxs!!
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    Post Z2 minimal internal memory space Solution?

    Hello!, with Oreo try APP2SD pro, or search in the forum how to activate the Adoptable Storage for a Out-of-the-Box solution
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    Post [ROM][UNLOCK]CARBON Xperia UI Z2 2.3.1[BASED ON CARBON-CR-5.1]

    Hello! Anyone have the bluetooth mic fix for xperia Shift 1.1? thxs!!!