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    Post Troubles reinstalling TWRP Miui 11 Android 10

    If you have an usb hub or an old computer use them. Or enter the command then connect your phone.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [AOSP] [12-10-2020]

    Great news. Congrats and thank you for your work.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [AOSP] [12-10-2020]

    Thanks for the rom, it's pretty good except some small issues. 1- Double tap to wake doesn't work for second time with AOD. 2- Corners are jagged, I think it's overlay issue. 3- AOD is very bright in dark.
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][9.0][sirius] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r46][2019/08/27]

    I appreciate that you joined XDA for sharing this. :o What about non plus version, do you have it too? I wanted to try both before deciding which to use daily.
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    Post Can't intall any rom after flash android 9 with miflash fastboot

    Flash an older rom like (dont wipe, only format data). After it boots, reboot and flash what you want.
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][9.0][sirius] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r46][2019/08/27]

    Link is broken. Does anybody has latest official one?
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    Post impossible to restore Nexus 5 to stock

    You don't need developer mod to install drivers. 1- Boot into fastboot. 2- Download and unzip this. 3- Go to your Windows Device Manager, find your phone and manual install the driver.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus 5 (hammerhead) with Lineage Recovery

    I dirty flashed it over EnesSastim's LOS 16 but sadly it doesn't boot. Thanks anyway.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Nexus 5

    Same problem. I can send it via Whatsapp Web though.
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    Post Forcing all 4 CPU cores to 2.26GHz?

    Good for you. I modified this part for myself. [SKIN_THERMAL_management_1] algo_type monitor sensor xo_therm_pu2 sampling 10000 thresholds 40000 42000 44000 thresholds_clr 38500 40500 42500 actions cpu+lcd...
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    Post Forcing all 4 CPU cores to 2.26GHz?

    Thermal throttling. You need to delete or modify /system/etc/thermal-engine-8974.conf Note: This could make your device run really hot.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Nexus 5

    I had 1 or 2 random reboots in like 40 days. So it is much stable than UA.
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][6.0/7.1/8.1 RC/9.0 BETA] Unlegacy Android Project

    You have to mount /persist in TWRP before access it.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Nexus 5

    -Same as others -No crash/reboot -Can't get in to Developer Settings without Magisk and can't take photos other than that rom seems fine -One more thing: Adaptive Brightness is stupid. It doesn't go lower than 38% even in complete darkness so I have to adjust manually