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  • n then the problem come becoz i cannot open my gene,so how i wan copy file to my gene.i refer to your step( but i cant do step 2(. Copy the file gene_hspl.exe from the SPL Updater\Olipro folder that you got in step 1 to the phone memory.)...i hope u help me master..i dono wat to do gene stuck at splash screen...thanks..fauzi_radzali
    hello master krazy, i reallly need your help..i'm tired reading forum,coz i cant see the solution till now..u hope u r my last choice..i have [email protected] my htc b4(dopod 818) n no i buy new htc,htc gene p3400i..n my prob now is,about 3 week used,my gene hang at splash screen..when i do hard format..then show the msg"This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset
    all settings to manufacturer default. Press Send to restore
    manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel."but the prob is,i dont press any key,but the screen still continue go i dont press call mean no hard reset i i try to upgrade my gene(last choice)coz i no idea what to do..
    Hi Sumit, Been reading your posts/guide for some time now on upgrading P3400i ROM to WM6.5.. may be i didn't searched well enough, but could you plz provide a direct link to downloading a compatible WM6.5 ROM for my Gene.. Appreciate your help!!

    Phone Details: HTC Gene P3400i
    ONBL: 1.17.0000
    SPL: 1.17.0000
    GSM: 02.79.90
    Serial: HT8XXXXXXX
    ROM: 1.17.720.1

    Thanks again..:)
    Mad Gamer
    Hello, i just wanted to ask a (silly)question...I flashed the wm 6.5 genero rom in my new gene. All i wanted to ask was can i flash another ROM like sumit's pro user's wm6.1 on my device now. And if u won't mind, plzzz suggest a nice rom....Thanks in adv
    I am facing now an error in romupgradeutility. i have done everything succesfully till mtty. Now it is giving error 300 asking for newer upgrade utility.
    Help me very urgently
    Leave me your number at 08000059585
    I will call you.
    Pl its very urgent
    Hello Sir,
    I am yash. I am in class 11th. I am software and website developer. I have HTC P3400i. I need your help as i am looking for upgrading it to windows mobile 6.5. Can you please provide me the way to success?
    My email id is
    [email protected]

    Please mail me...
    hello sir..
    i followed ur steps abt tat flashing of rom on my p3400..
    i was stuck at the Orefkov method wen i used the wrong command in mtty..
    instead of .bin i mistyped it .in nd now the phone is nt getting to the boot loader mode again, only the light is flashing wen i press camera nd power button..
    help me please...
    hello can u please tell me how much time it is going to take for u to send the phone
    cheers rakesh
    hi..i need yorur help..
    as duron is so busy to post new sys build,,i have downloaded new sys from da_g thread 23548,49,51,54
    but all of them gives me same "stuck at smart mobility" rom
    with same kitchen i can build 23544 rom without any problem..
    but these r headache to me..
    i read you post about patching spl for my htc p3400i...
    i just want to ask you about what is SIM unlock....
    does i require to unlock it for upgrading to WM6.5....
    if yes then what is the procedure ..
    pl help.
    thx in advance.
    hi krazy can u tell me which app u use in u r rom for contacts which is touch sliding like wm6.5 and USbtoPC .. can u provide me thats cab for HTC p3400i i m using wm6.1 stock rom...
    ok no problem i will keep waiting u too remain assured that i wll buy that phone
    i will send u half ammount before and half ammount after receiving
    i have sent my adress to ur email
    after u receive the box and all the accesories jst give me a call to my nos i called u
    bye btw which new phone have u decided to buy
    will it do if i make payment my sending it to your account immediately after i receive the phone by courier

    if yes then i am ready to make transaction immediately.............
    Hello i want to buy yor gene please tell me how to pay and also ur phone nos as soon as possible
    thank u

    my phone nos is 9853388736

    m from Rourkela, odisha
    fst of all look cool in pic..
    i have a question.. pls ans me...

    i install wm 6.1 stock rom which tell by you its not u r rom but find it on

    1.their is show a small clock on today screen. how to remove it from upper right corner .. and it want to replace it battery icon can you tell me how to do that....

    2 . and 2nd question is in wm6.1 not install new task manager can you provide me that cab which is work fine in wm 6.1 .... i use some cab but their is problem with that when click in task manager option show icon in today menu it not work n not show any icon in today screen..

    3. in wm 6.1 default install old htc comm manager. i want original htc comm manager from wm 6.0 can you provide me.

    help me...
    thanx in adv ....
    hello sir,
    im trying to upgrade my gene with a new rom,
    but as i procedd into the RUU utility, it gives an error saying, "this RUU utility cannot be used for ur gene".
    have searched in da forums, but unable to find nethng.. m counting on u to get out of this.. thank you. :)
    hey bro.. i need to buy sdio wireless card for my gene..
    and i am from india...
    i just read your post in xda developers forum..
    i can pay you the money through paypal if you could arrange one for me..
    waiting for your reply..
    mail me on [email protected]
    Use my pro users rom. What is your SPL version now? If it ends in ".olip" use the old gene file. If it ends in ".oref" then use the new gene file. here is the thread :

    Its based on the latest 21056 build with original OEM components from Gene, along with some added software from newer phones. Working great on my gene, no restart required for weeks. I am running without a restart since 33 days :)
    i restore my gene back successfully with JTAG method. is their any link for original WM6.1 for HTC P3400i with HT8XXX serial. i just want to update it to WM6.1 will u please provide me link.......( give me that link of wm6.1 which tested by yourself)

    thanxxx in ADV.
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