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    Post [Q] Viewpad 7e and Market

    Full Market access I modified my build.prob like you can see below. Now i have full market access with my 7e! Only a few Apps remain to be incompatible. Just replace this code with the one in your build.prob or search for the changes: :silly: # begin build properties # autogenerated by...
  2. KRisM79

    Post [Q] Viewpad 7e and Market

    i know, it's an old thread, but maybe the following tipps are usefull to get clockworkmod installed on the viewpad 7e: first look here, how to use adb with the 7e. i tried it and it worked... at this site you can find the firmware-update. it is very easy to install via sd-card and it is also...
  3. KRisM79

    Post How to "unbrick" (loop reboot) and Theme like ICS your Viewpad 7e

    Hi salfai77, can you describe how exactly you managed this? I want to create a smaller firmware-zip, without lots of annoying useless apps and sample videos and pictures, and would like to adopt this setting. By the way: Do you think that it is possible to replace the original files...
  4. KRisM79

    Post DroidWall - Android Firewall (iptables front-end) [v1.5.5] [Dec/01/11]

    Hi, i have a problem with my VOIP under Gingerbread (2.3.4). If the firewall is enabled, then nobody can call me. Is there any possibility to solve this problem? Thank you anyway
  5. KRisM79

    Post [ROM] Official German Froyo JOREM_U3_3.4.2_177-3 with Blur

    How do i flash/restore the deodexed files to my defy - with clockwork recovery? thx
  6. KRisM79

    Post [ROM] Pays-ROM Defy v6.0 Froyo with Ginger feeling [3.4.2-164 official]

    Can I use the 6.0 Version also for JOREM_U3_3.4.2_177-3 (Version.34.177.3MB525.Retail.en.DE)?