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Recent content by kRYySTy

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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc 3.x [N920X][N920T/W8][N9208]

    What is the last version that support S6 edge +? Also where can i find the kernel for it? Thank you
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    Post [Discussion] [ROM] AOSP Extended v5.5 (N920G/L/C)

    Hey guys, i want to try this rom on my g928f. Does anyone have a link or the kernel for it?
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    Post [Discussion] Alexega, INFINITY,Paranoid, Aurora Port, Galaxy & IronMan ROM-SGF&Toanlu

    Hello guys, can you tell me which one of these roms is the most stable on G928F.? Thank you! :)
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    Post [ROM][7.0][MYSTYLEROM][N920CGI][RL3][19-01-19]

    Apparently it was browser fail, changed browser and all is fine. Thank you!
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    Post [ROM][7.0][MYSTYLEROM][N920CGI][RL3][19-01-19]

    Does anyone have an mirror to download? The link in OP give ngix error.. Edit: Also if someone know if i can install it in G928F, or need some kernel to be installed. Thanks :D
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    Post [ROM][7.0][QH5][EDGE]N-FUEL-V6[ONLINE]

    Can i install your kernel on my G928F? Or it is only for note5. Anyway, thanks for your awesome rom!
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    Post [ROM][7.0][EDGE][QE5]N-FUEL-XL3[ONLINE]

    Hello, This rom can be flashed directly on G928F or after i flash it i need to flash an G928F kernel to boot? Edit:nvm, i installed it and it worked. The problem is i get bootloop if i install edge features. Any ideas?
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    Post Android Nougat 7.0 update

    any news for romania (ROM) update? i saw that SEE firmware is released? can i install it since it have the ROM csc?
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    Post Downgrade S6 Edge+ from 7 to 6.0.1

    so wipe everything in twrp or original recovery, and then flash via odin any original 6.0.1 rom and we are back at android 6 even though we update our phones to 7? EDIT: Tried and it works to downgrade from 7 to 6 trough odin. You dont even need to wipe in recovery. I was on custom rom and just...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.1.1]CyanogenMod 12.1 for Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015)

    can i install this if i am on stock android 6.0? also on this rom can i still use my external sd card as internal memory?
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    Post [7.0][10/09//2017][FINAL] KHONGLOI-NOUGAT ROM | AOD | EDGE... S8+

    another noob question, sry for being annoying. I understand that floating_features is in etc folder, but i have an etc folder in root directory and another in system/etc. Which one should i modify?
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    Post [7.0][10/09//2017][FINAL] KHONGLOI-NOUGAT ROM | AOD | EDGE... S8+

    Does it need to give permission again, even if i only modify the file that is already there? Edit: Also i have another question: Can i change csc to my country csc?(romania)
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    Post [7.0][10/09//2017][FINAL] KHONGLOI-NOUGAT ROM | AOD | EDGE... S8+

    hello guys, so i have flashed rom , set it and then modified floating_features to get notification padding right, but after reboot the phone is stuck at samsung logo. Any ideas how to fix it?
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    Post [MOD] Floating message/ Air message With French Language for Nougat Rom 7.0 S6 Edge +

    Where can i activate it? It is not enabled after flashing Edit: nvm, found it. Works perfectly. :)
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    Post [ROM][V6] PIXEL rom [N][QF2][13/07/17] [Jio VoLTE]

    Can you share the fingerprint wake mod alone? Can't find it anywhere..