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    Post [THEMES] Super Swiftkey (140+ added free themes) updated May 05 2016

    I constantly get "App not installed" message whenever I try to install the apk.. :(
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    Post Updated to 5.1.1 [OTA], want old dialer back. Help please.

    Found the way to do it:
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    Thread [GUIDE] To change the Truecaller dialer to stock Android dialer in 5.1.1 on Yureka

    One of the main drawbacks of 5.1.1 update on Yureka was that the stock dialer had been replaced by Truecaller dialer. I, for one, liked the original dialer a lot. It had dynamic speed dial tiles which changed according to how much you called, which is probably one of the best features. Also...
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    Post Lost features of CM12.1 after formatting phone

    Go to Settings --> About Phone --> Toggle the Advanced mode.
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    Thread Updated to 5.1.1 [OTA], want old dialer back. Help please.

    Hey all. I updated my Yureka to 5.1.1 via OTA. Its decent update. However, I miss the old Google dialer & would prefer it over the current Truecaller one [or whatever they call it]. I've seen that there are ways to do this on OnePlus One. Any way to do it on Yureka?
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    Post [Q] YU Yureka Delivery

    Ordered on Thursday i.e 9th April. Received today i.e 13th April. My phone came to my courier station yesterday itself though.
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    Post Lollipop Themed Rom for Samsung Galaxy S advance I9070

    As the previous user has said, you can make just about any 4.4.4 ROM a Lollipop themed ROM. If your ROM is based on CyanogenMod, just download a CM11, Lollipop based theme from the Play Store. I currently use "Flux". It completely gives the look of Lollipop & is available for both CM & PA...
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    Post [OT] The one and only S Advance "Goodbye guys" thread

    Thanks a lot mate... Been using Carbon ROM.. It awesome... Good luck to you tinkering with your G2.. :good:
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    Post [Q] Network signal goes off constantly in Carbon Rom

    XDA thread of that ROM: I tried flashing the 4.4.4 update that is being shown in that thread but sadly it is on Megahost. I tried maybe 8 times or so to download, but my download was always stuck at 64%. What's more, Mega is down...
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    Thread [Q] Network signal goes off constantly in Carbon Rom

    Hi, I have been using Carbon Rom 4.4.3 for about 2 weeks now. It is a very nice ROM and everything worked flawlessly first. But after a few days, my network signal of the phone used to go off after 1-2 hours of phone inactivity [sometimes even half hour]. I had to then restart my phone for the...