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    Post [ROM][STABLE] LineageOS 17.1 for the Xperia Z5 Premium

    They work. The range is not as good as my Essential ph-1. I can only get about 10 feet from my phone before it looses connection.
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    Post [ROM][STABLE] LineageOS 17.1 for the Xperia Z5 Premium

    Has anyone had any problems with Bluetooth headphone connection?
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    Post [SHARE] Illumination bar notification fully working with CM 11

    Yeah. This fix doesn't work on new CM 11.
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    Post [KERNEL][LP][May 29] ThunderZap 4.16 | Zooom Zoooom!

    anyway to fix wifi on 4,2.2?
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    Post [KERNEL][Philz][KitKat][ANYKERNEL][03/10/14] Phantom Kernel r17

    Thank you :laugh:! That worked. ---------- Post added at 06:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:47 PM ---------- Is it me ? or does the hspda seem faster with this kernel ? My web browsing seems faster than my wifi.
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    Post [KERNEL][Philz][KitKat][ANYKERNEL][03/10/14] Phantom Kernel r17

    wifi stopped working on 6.1 jb kernel
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    Post ¤|ROM||xperia U|[1or2 CPU]|OC1.15Ghz|¤ICS-12GovIO-Unlocked.BL|Finale[V9 29/12/2012]¤

    How do you flash the fastboot zip? I followed the steps. But it just says " waitng for device" and hangs.
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    Post [MOD][ALL DPI][GB][ICS][JB]Cosmic flow white/black!!!

    How do you install this? I don't get a apk file when I download the file.
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    Post Xperia U Firmware _ World

    Does anyone have the ST25a rom??
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    Post [EXT3] ARCDroid V5 [TIMESCAPE + WIDGETS] [20/2/12]

    Anyone having problems playing videos or listing to music through headphones?
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    Post [ROM] MTK6573 / Hero H7300 / HD7 Clone / T9299 Cooked ROM

    I have the latest stock rom for my phone. It is rooted and I want the kernel for ext support to flash to my phone. Does any one have one I can download?
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    Post [ROM] MTK6573 / Hero H7300 / HD7 Clone / T9299 Cooked ROM

    Do we have any custom kernels for these phones? For overclocking without the app or to improve bluetooth performance. Or overall performance. Bluetooth audio is way to low.
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    Post [ROM] MTK6573 / Hero H7300 / HD7 Clone / T9299 Cooked ROM

    I have seen phones with the same MTK 6573 processr clocked at 800MHZ. Is there any way we could get our phones clocked at that speed? The popular one I have seen with the higher clock speed is the Lenovo A65.
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    Post [TUT] How-to: downgrade SPL, flash XSPL, flash Custom ROMs & Radios

    Can you still flash radio's with the SPL 5.xx ? I keep getting errors.
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    Post G2x for HD7

    WP7 is actually pretty good Windows Mobile sucks. But windows phone is sweet. I have the G2X and a Dell Venue Pro. And the Dell is much smoother. Maybe because my G2X freezes alot. I am HD7 has a crappier screen than both.