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    Post [Guide] VoLTE + VoWiFi working for German carriers

    As I mentioned in the original post, I am on Orange SK (Orange Slovakia) and I used "Telia Finland" profile instead of the "Telefonica_UK_Commercial". I am unable to test other carriers at the moment as I don't have access to other carrier SIM cards. I have also noticed that I cannot receive...
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    Post [Guide] VoLTE + VoWiFi working for German carriers

    I have been able to get VoLTE working on Orange SK (Orange Slovakia) on my OnePlus 6T with the "Telia Finland" settings. VoWifi badge also appeared for a brief moment however after a while it disappeared, I will update this post with further findings if I get it to show up again. // EDIT: Ok...
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    Post AIRTEL VOLTE Hack [kenzo]

    Also working on kate, Orange Slovakia on unofficial LineageOS 16.0 (september patch build). The VoLTE icon is not showing in the status bar, but it works and shows HD sign during call. Thanks :)
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    Post [ROM] - [PIE] - [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage-16.0 - 2019-10-04

    Has anyone been able to get VoLTE working? I don't seem to be able to get it up and running, but I don't know whether it is because of the ROM or because of my carrier.
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    Post [ROM] - [PIE] - [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage-16.0 - 2019-10-04

    That's a really bad attitude to be having towards the devs. They are doing it in their free time and for free, so the least you could do is show a little respect and thanks. Because of unthankful people like you, devs don't want to develop for lots of devices with thankless communities...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] [7.1.2] [Kenzo/Kate] Lineage OS [5 July 2019]

    I moved from LOS14.1 to LOS16 with unofficialy unlocked bootloader on kate, so it should be ok.
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    Post [ROM] - [PIE] - [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage-16.0 - 2019-10-04

    Does it fail to connect or is the Connect button disabled? Can you connect with some third party wifi management app? // EDIT: I am testing it on kate right now. Works great, I will test the Wi-Fi tommorow or the day after and will update this post. // EDIT2: I was able to successfully connect...
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    Post [Q] Amazon Fire Tv

    It doesn't necessarily have to be such a spectacular view :) I recall USB on one of the Android dongles being host and if small reset button was held while plugging it into a computer, it was possible to rewrite the flash of the device.
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    Post [CyanogenMod] / [OmniRom] [Q/A] - DISCUSSION THREAD

    Hi guys, was anyone able to catch download links of the maclaw's CM11? The thread claimed, that everything was fully working, but I wasn't fast enough to catch them :(
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    Thread [MOD] S Advance Touchstone mod

    Hi guys, I have seen this mod done on various devices. For those who haven't heard of it, just google wireless charging mod and you will be flooded with links. I am very sorry for the links in the quotes, but I haven't reached the 10 posts which are required to post links, so I will come back...
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    Post GT-I9070P photos needed

    I can but don't you think that I tried it before posting my request here? Of course, maybe I was just asking google wrong questions but I couldn't find it, so I am asking here. Sent from my GT-I9070 using Tapatalk 4
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    Thread GT-I9070P photos needed

    Hi guys, could someone provide me with photos of the NFC version of our phone? I would specifically need photo of the NFC antenna, where is it positioned on the back cover, and photo of the position of the NFC pins, if possible, also photo of the position of the NFC pins on the board. Thank you...
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    Post [Q] TF300 New Touchscreen problem / Touch PCB

    Hi guys, I got a TF300T with broken digitizer from my mom's friend, unfortunately, the 5158N one and with android 4.2.1, after digging in this thread, I found post with the firmware files for the G01 digitizer. I don't know the digitizer's firmware version right now, but if I have a good one...