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  • or this :

    HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\Weather.EnableCurrentLoca tion and change it from 1 to 0

    Now you can choose a city by clicking on the clock and adding a city. It will stay on this city!
    hi there.
    i saw the question you ask about changing you time by local time.
    i had exactly the same problem.
    i find temporary solution- try to add more city (for example, i have 3 cites -Haifa,Telaviv, My Location) and choose one that you need , now in my device "TelAviv" is always displayed, even after a soft reset.
    this is not an elegant solution , but it works.
    did you find other solution for this problem?
    Hi Stefan,

    thanks for inquiring. Yes, I do use it on the HD2 and its works very good and fast. Only thing to remember is that it does not, at this moment, support landscape. Dasur told me that they are working on that. IMO, SlideIT is the no. 1 keyboard at this moment. I can type faster on this KB than on the hardware KB of the HTC Touch Pro 2.

    regards, Kuzibri

    just a question: Do you use SlideIt Keyboard on a HD2? Because I tried it out and I have the impression that it is not very stable. What are your experience with it?

    Best regards,

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