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  • Hi,

    I have a request for your upload on my server, could you keep 2 versions up (previous and current) ?

    If you remove everythink, on post, they is no link appear.

    You can let 10 version up if you want, I have space.

    I will cleanup myself if I need free space.

    ok ?
    what about a rom including Manila 2.5? is it on going? if yes and if you need beta tester, I'm ok for that.
    Manila names are not the same in this 2.1 than in 2.0 or the tmobile 2.1 :( It makes a lot of things difficult :S I personally liked the T-mobile manila skin better :) And the small arrows was a nice feature in the music player. But on that one the new startmenu was not working... I hope T-mobile will make a new version with new startmenu :D
    It's definitely bigger :)
    - Startmenu is empty as original
    - Album menu highlights are fixed (but the menu's upper side is not rounded - I know it's not a bug :D)
    - Updates and events are back :)
    - A smoky background
    - Automatic change Time-zone and Clock (maybe it was in beta1 too, i don't know)
    - Home tab - top bar notifications (like in the t-mobile manila)
    Hum, i have a message each time i received or send a sms : "...reply time out" or something like that ...on the first beta...

    What's new with the new beta ??? Lot of change ???
    Hum, i have a message each time i received or send a sms : "...reply time out" or something like that ...on the first beta...

    What's new with the new beta ??? Lot of change ???
    Thanks! Now i'm in my computer so first i make a cab for the start menu categories :) (But before that i flash the new beta :))

    Did you fix sms bug(when replying or what(i never tried..)) or it's gone with this manila?
    I tried the new Opera also. For me the tweaked 9.5 is as fast indeed. Menu in album is fixed although I hardly can call it a bug :) Bitmaps had to be rgb 8bit for correct scaling. I run a new beta2 and still need some things to work out (images/icons/manila tweaks).
    I still can't use my pc :( What about the blue-violet t-mobil theme and colors in notif mngr, phone, menus, commmngr, ...? Did you changed the album(or the menu in album) since topix 2.0?
    I tried opera 9.7 but for me it wasn't that responsive and fast than this 9.5 :D
    Hi skyli, the menubar is slow in all roms. Can't find the cause for that. Updates and event will be back.

    @KukurikU, you have to edit these files for a new all tab background: 058acf31_manila, 77feee1d_manila, 6b5182a8_manila, 70083a29_manila
    The T-mobile manila was better in 2 things:
    - the arrows in music player
    - updates and events tab in 'all people'

    But now, there is the new startmenu :)
    I see that you fixed the cleartype in landscape :D
    @kwbr good news! so, 0.50.22 is doing 4 files now?!!
    ok, sorry fellows have to go to lala-land to have my beuty sleep. my working week is starting tomorrow and it will be at 6 am! damn!
    see ya!
    OOOO, kukurikuuuu :)
    Nice to see ya friend :)
    Off the record - last night i had a long awaited meeting with a good jewish friend of mine ( he's kinda second father to me) Heh... a lotta memories :) may be i should see haifa again... marvellous city :)
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