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  • Thanx, for FINALLY admitting your condition and livening up OUR World!! You should be feeling better already! Remember, most of all, this is a place of fun! I am sure that we will strengthen our learning along the way, but learning is fruitless if it doesn't provide more LIFE. Fun demands FUN (Frequent Use Necessary)!

    Feel free to post advice, constructive criticism, witty quips, juvenile antics, outrageous pics (within forum TOS, of course) and share whatever comes to your mind. Even if it bypasses your mind and winds up here, that's okay. I hope to be a comrade/friend and maybe see some of you in my global travels. If i do, i may not recognize your face cuz this is cyberspace and i can't actually see what you look like ... but, i'll recognize that ROTIF attitude anywhere!

    BE ROTIF... have FUN ... 4LIFE (Living In Full Enjoyment)!

    rafiki :cool:
    Truthfully, I haven't done anything. I explained in my last post about it to rvashi, that it is more than likely the network in his area, as I dont have it happening when at home, but traveled this weekend and had it occur in more rural areas. You can try the leo 2g dialer he posted and maybe that will work.
    hi, i have read all your posts about the ATT dialer problem and am wondering what you are using now to fix the problem? The white dialer does not seem to be working for me with the latest few valkyrie roms. My phone does not ring with the white dialer and still has the answer lag. I am using the latest HTC radio and various Valkyrie roms.
    just wanted to say u've got the HOTTEST user logo i've ever seen.! Cobra Kai! :D
    i really didnt get stuck in bootloader. i had a concern with the process not completing and it was due to me using a newer radio. i had to flash to an older one. i would try just putting the phone back in bootloader and trying to flash a rom. if that doesnt work, i would just pm olipro. he definitely will get you on the right path. good luck
    Hi Kwill,

    Hoping you can help since I see on the XDA forums you had a similar problem.

    I Here's the story. I HardSPLed my new Fuze just fine. Then I purchased and started the Security/SIM unlocker. I clicked on the second button in the software (since I already had HardSPL installed and confirmed to be installed). The process went to 100% and then displayed an error message. My device is now stuck in bootloader mode (sp?). I've pushed in the little soft reset button on the bottom, but it just keeps on coming back to the same bootloader mode message:

    MicroP-Raph (LED) v13
    MicroP-Raph (key) v5

    Upgrade ROM code error
    Please try again

    Please, please tell me how you got out of bootloader mode when this happened to you?

    Apologies for the query.

    I'm quite the Newbie.
    cant wait to see the landscape support for sure. no problem on the rom advice. you would've found it anyways:) sj is definitely up there in the rankings for the best around here right now. at least on the kaiser front.
    looks like landscape support for the manilla 2D is just around the corner ...gullum figured out how to get the tabs to work ...just needs some more tweaking on some of the tab pages .... thanks for the advice on the hyperdragon rom ...its definitely been fun and sj seems to really know his stuff..
    switched to sj hyperdragon III with manila 2d ... damn what an awesome rom .... blows the L26 throttle away .... finished with some tweaks and its so smooth .... thanks for the advice ....
    what part of central texas? Killeen here. Using L26 tl beta 6 and considering sakajati's manilla hyperdragon. Any insight would be appreciated.
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