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  1. KyleKutta

    Post Samsung to brick the Note 7

    Umm... of course it will. . What are they gonna do?? Hack in to the non-updaters and do it themselves?
  2. KyleKutta

    Post Who's still rocking the Note 7

    Still have my PH1 OG before the recall phone. . . Doing fine here
  3. KyleKutta

    Post Verizon Cancelled my Note 7 payments

    i still have the og note 7. got it right before the recall hit in september. . as far as i can tell its free for me as well. i made one payment and was even refunded for that!! LoL
  4. KyleKutta

    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.0.2-0 TeamWin Recovery Project 4/5

    here's a dropbox link that I move the file to https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvywxb3x4zdaejx/last_log.text It wouldn't let me attach it or I'm doing something wrong? oh yea, i got it from root/cache/recovery is that right?
  5. KyleKutta

    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.0.2-0 TeamWin Recovery Project 4/5

    I'm not sure anyone else has this problem and I've searcher for it, but just don't know how to word it really. Pretty much whenever I'm in recovery ( or any other version) and try to perform an action i.e. wipe cache and Dalvik cache or any other suchaction it will do it but will also...
  6. KyleKutta

    Post [GPS FIXED][KK][TW][4.4.2]N7105XXUFND3[PORT][S5-FEAT]

    Did you also have to flash the MJ9 firmware?
  7. KyleKutta

    Post [GPS FIXED][KK][TW][4.4.2]N7105XXUFND3[PORT][S5-FEAT]

    To those of you who are still having problem actually getting this ROM to boot up, has anyone figured it out yet? I've flash this ROM at least 8 times with different recoveries (TWRP and Phillz) and still wont boot up!! DRIVING ME NUTS-O!! F.Y.I.. I CAN successfully flash any...
  8. KyleKutta

    Post [OFFICIAL] General Q&A's for N3BULA

    The OTA 3.0 is missing the META-INF, just go to the OPs first post and scroll down to downloads. You'll see the new build there.
  9. KyleKutta

    Post don't know if this helps anyone

    I had that same sorta situation when i had the Galaxy Fascinate.. Odin just would not work for me, I spent days and days trying to figure out what the problem was and it ended up been that my "new" phone was actually a Re-man!! Dont know why that would be it but after i got an actual new phone...
  10. KyleKutta

    Post 4.3 Verizon Note 2 Release time and area

    Yep!! Just helped a friend at work with his OTA
  11. KyleKutta

    Post 4.3 Verizon Note 2 Release time and area

    Casual wont work unless you use Windows7. I had the same problem myself on my slow ass XP computer, ended up having to root in at work :). FU Verizon!!
  12. KyleKutta

    Post SynergyROM r484 AOSP theme v1.7 - 4/22/13

    Sweet!! :) Sent from my SCH-I535 using xda app-developers app