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    Post New Joying Android 10 UIS7862 Octacore 1.8GHz (4GB RAM, 64GB flash)

    My unit runs at 60 at ambient (23°C). Worthwhile question...
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    Post New Joying Android 10 UIS7862 Octacore 1.8GHz (4GB RAM, 64GB flash)

    Failing that is it not possible to use the proprietary driver blobs and the MCU control apps posted here?
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    Post New Joying Android 10 UIS7862 Octacore 1.8GHz (4GB RAM, 64GB flash)

    I also found the BSP and kernel source codes, very recently uploaded. BSP source on Github Github root of unisoc-android that has tons of other things I do not yet understand in there The same guy has a bootloader unlock tool on his personal Github. @surfer63 is this of any interest to you?
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    Post New Joying Android 10 UIS7862 Octacore 1.8GHz (4GB RAM, 64GB flash)

    Hey guys, Here's some info for my UIS7862 based unit for my 1st Gen/GG Mazda 6. I believe it is the same as the Joying units, both made by FYT. Bought it from ZWNav on Aliexpress - seller has been pretty helpful, which is good because it didn't come with an install manual. I've run Device HW...
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    Post [GCAM] [MOD] UltraCam v8 [12.02.2021 update]

    Hi there, I'm having issues with V8 on the most recent build of Project 404 on umi. Attached logcat. It works fantastic on this device under crDroid - any ideas as to what the issue is?
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    Post [10.0] LineageOS 17.1 for Mi 6

    Clean your earpiece out with Blu-Tac. I have to clean mine once a fortnight or so.
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    Post Google Camera by Urnyx05

    Xiaomi Mi6 crashes on front camera photo Hey Urnyx05, I'm having an issue with the front camera crashing upon taking a photo. Fantastic port otherwise. - Camera2 Test (included description) (Attached log from Camera2Test, renamed from html to txt as I couldn't upload html directly.) - Phone...
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    Post Google Camera by Urnyx05

    Crash with front camera on Xiaomi Mi6 [DELETED, forgot to mention]
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    Post [GUIDE] Automatic dual sim switching on latest official OTA

    Spent a few hours trying to figure this out for Oreo only to find your post about 5s before I found the solution myself! Many thanks. I've linked your post here to go with my N-only guide.
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    Post [EOL] Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.1

    Hi NeoArian, I'm trying to use a Google Camera version with telephoto lens support but I can't seem to get it running. Does this ROM support using the telephoto camera or am I missing something? Below post from other thread showing setup used.
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    Post [Support][Feedback] GCam HDR+ for Mi6

    Hi fu24, I can't seem to get any of your mods to work. In Camera2 Test it only shows Cameras 0 and 1. When switching to the telephoto lens the Camera app crashes. I then have to reinstall the app to get back into the camera. Any ideas? Is there any debug info I can get for you to help? Mi6 All...
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] Switch off individual SIMs with Tasker.

    Sorry for not updating this - I have discovered this method only works on Nougat ROMs. Haven't looked into a fix for Oreo yet, but I will soon.
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    Post Google Camera HDR+

    I also tried this with cstark27_GCam_5.1.018_24_tele_v0.1a.apk with and without module. Both FC. I'm not easily confused but all these different camera combos have got me scratching my noggin :confused:
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    Post [OFFICIAL][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 for sagit

    Sorry for such an off-topic post, but who is Ivan? Guessing he is somebody working at Xiaomi? Great to hear that the LOS team has contacts there if that is the case.