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    Thread S-Pen not connecting

    My S-Pen won't connect. I place it on the back with the tip up and it doesn't connect. Nothing changes on the screen. Tried reset of the S-Pen in the app several times. Anyone knows of a solution to this? The pen works to use normal but says disconnected so can't use any special features.
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    Post Qmmi and FFBM

    Thanks :) then I know
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    Thread Qmmi and FFBM

    My bootloader and Recovery looks like this. Also got this Is this the normal bootloader and Recovery? Haven't seen FFBM and Qmmi before on a samsung device.
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    Post [APP] [4.4+] Hibernator : Best Greenify Alternative (No root) * *PROMO CODES **

    Could I get a promo code for this? :)
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    Thread Using bluetooth in privatespace?

    I've been trying to use bluetooth calling in privatespace, it will detect and so on but it wont transmit any voice over bluetooth, im guessing its because of permissions. Anyway of fixing this?
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    Thread Way of Switching quickly between virtual keyboards?

    I use SwiftKey a lot and I like it I found that a keyboard clipkey is a keyboard I would like to use sometimes when I do certain things where sending pre defined phrases to send. Im looking for a way to quickly change between ClipKey and SwiftKey Anyone has suggestions how to do it? Might be a...
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    Post How to get device encryption?

    nobody knows? :/
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    Post ❯ [APP] ❯❯ UNLIMITED Free Fast VPN ❯❯❯ DNS CHANGER with ADBLOCKER (1000+ servers)

    Could i have a code? Thanks :) Does it have auto connect?
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    Thread How to get device encryption?

    How can I get full device encryption on the p20 pro? Not even the private space is encrypted i believe?
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    Post RomAur-v1.3- [03/07] - [8.1_JUNE_B131]-[P20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Does this rom support full device encryption? Since the stock rom doenst have this :(
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    Thread Samsung Camera port to lineage OS?

    I tried simply installing the camera app apk directly on lineage OS, which failed also tried cloning it so it wouldnt be named the same as the system app. Anyone know how to get it installed? And would it work even if i got it installed? Would love to have the Samsung camera app working on...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 13 for Sony Xperia M5 (hollyss)

    Im guessing this is dead? :/
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    Thread Custom recovery for Mate 10 pro?

    Anyone knows if there is any custom recovery for the Mate 10 pro? or if anyone is working on one. Would been great to be able to flash ROMs and such without a computer :P
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    Thread Heart rate sync ?

    Is there anyway to sync/use the heart rate monitor on the watch for an app on the phone? And do anyone know a good app to have on the watch to make best use of the heart rate monitor? I would like it to check regularly through out the day. I got the H1 smartwatch.