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  • Very Simple Question to anyone that can help. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I MAKE THIS WORK WITH MORPH-GEAR? I played Donkey Kong Country 2 to test the Emulator, works fine except I can't walk, hold "Y" to pick up something, and Jump at the same time. It seems pressing 3 buttons is not supported. I didn't understood "the how guide" on how to install a registry file in Morph Gear to make this kind of multi-touch work. Any Ideas? Please Help. Don't get mad..... I'm fairly new to all this. Thanks in advance to you.

    I request you to please sticky this thread ( here ) on opal rom development section as new members are asking the same question again and again in irrelevant threads (say rom threads ). I have sent this message to may mods so if it is already stickied plz ignore this message.

    I having issues with my htc hd2. after it idles the screen wont turn on only the hard buttons lit on, sometime it freezes and when i reboot the screen flickers when it is a the tmobile sticker
    Hello. If you can send me a link to your kitchen I would love to see what I can do. I have a little experience with my BlueAngel, I hope this is not much different. Also I would love a copy of the rom that you created to see if I can fix some bugs. Thanks for all your help.
    i will to test tg01,but minr is a japanese version known as t01a. can it use your rom?waiting your kindly reply.

    Have you consider involving developer for FTouchSL (- eFrost) in this programme?
    hey, i have the hd2 t9193 and it has the telstar stuff on it, ROM is 1.49 and RADIO is so i wanted to know can u take any rom from the list to upgrade mines? or is there a certain one that i need to you? ive never put a new ROM on any of my HTC's so any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
    Hi there i have a LG LS20 i like to install a new rom on it but don't know how to do it. Is there a post or somthing showing how its done please ?
    SORRY MATE! through more research i see that Tom Codon has already dumped this rom. sorry to bother you and keep up the great work.

    thank you
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