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    Post [Q] Fastboot - Low battery

    Try this
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    Post [Q] Fastboot - Low battery

    Why don't you just charge your battery and adjust your thread title it's fastboot not fatboot
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    Thread [APPS] Get iOS7 Like Home and Lock Screen + Notification and Control Center on Your A

    Most hard core Android fans consider it infidelity to the green bot to have a point of admiration for iOS. I have heard several people proclaiming on*social media sites*and different forums that they “hate everything iOS”. Despite of the great number of Android users who stand partisan against...
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    Thread Moto X Software Update Available for Download for T-Mobile Customers

    Motorola introduced the Moto X in early August and there was one certain aspect that received critics from both the tech publications and customers: the 10 MP ClearPixel camera mounted on its back.When Motorola presented the Moto X they said that the ClearPixel camera would provide excellent...
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    Post [APP]QSlide on the LG G2: A quick way to access frequently-used tools

    If you want my opinion lg phones are rubbish (nexus family excluded)
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    Thread [APP]QSlide on the LG G2: A quick way to access frequently-used tools

    Simple access to functions that usually sit in a 'tools' folder on your home screen LG is using the G2 as a platform*for launching many new software features, one of which is QSlide — a new way to use small utility apps quickly without pulling you away from whatever else you're doing. Not to be...
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    Thread Galaxy S 5 Tizen or Android ?

    What do you think Galaxy S 5 will include. Tizen Or Android ? Which One do you prefer ? We have a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5, now that the release date is getting closer and now we’re hearing again that one variant of the device will come with Tizen OS instead of Android 4.4...
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    Thread [News] LG Vu 3 Announced

    LG Vu 3 Announced, Has 4:3 Display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, and 14 MP Camera About a month ago the folks at Korean Times have provide the first information about the third generation of the LG Vu smartphone. The South Korean phone maker officially launched the new LG Vu 3 today, which keeps the...
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    Thread [Discussion] Whatsapp vs BBM

    What do you prefer whatsapp or bbm and whats you suggestions
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    Thread [Guide][Rom]Carbon AOSP Jelly Bean 4.3

    The T-Mobile variant for the Samsung Galaxy S3 can now be update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean using the Carbon AOSP JB custom ROM. Read this entire post and you should be able to complete all instructions easily without bricking the device.This is a custom ROM that is based on Android 4.3 AOSP...
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    No it is different whats your device
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    Post [official][discussions] leaked version of BBM"black berry messnger" /Update #2

    In the end of the day all the leaked version will stop working
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    Post [official][discussions] leaked version of BBM"black berry messnger" /Update #2

    When I open the app I get this
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    Post BBM v2 with Channels and Stickers [Official Release] [16 July 2014]

    Because yesterday the message not sending so I cleared app data and now get this