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    Post Question Is there another work around for BT low volume?

    Thought someone would have a work around by now.
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    Thread Question Is there another work around for BT low volume?

    Using a F3 and the volume via Bluetooth is too low. I don't have the "absolute volume" under BT or developer setting. Is there any other work arounds to making the volume go higher?
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    Thread Looking Pebbles icon pack style for MIUI.

    Looking for something similar to these icons but Miui ... These were originally for Nova/Apex and are no longer on the market.
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    Post [ICON PACK] MIUI 12 Icon project [ 3500+ ] ( 23th Jan 2021 )

    Anything like this available for miui themes its was called pebbles.
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    Post Accessories Best case for Poco F3

    I wouldn't want ppl to see my card and the leather flip on just wouldn't work for me ... Something like my last comment
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    Post Accessories Best case for Poco F3

    More like this but for the Poco f3
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    Post Accessories Best case for Poco F3

    Anybody know of a hard case that has the hidden slot to hold a couple of cards or ID? poco F3
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    How do you use the background play?
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    Thread Please delete

    Deleted thread please
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    Post Phone dialer help

    I installed a older version then went to google play and turned off auto update. Hope that helps I haven't had any problems since.
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    Post Phone dialer help

    Found the dialer it was bloatware from TouchPal keyboard that automatically installed
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    Thread Phone dialer help

    Does anyone know what dialer this is and how to remove it, it keeps forcing close everytime I try to make a call. I'm running stock CM 13.1 please see attachment
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    Post Arcade faces for Facer

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    Post Facer skins by boostr29

    Are these used with Facer? Do we need to unzip the file to install them and what folder should they go in? ............................. Absolutely amazing work these are wonderful.
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    Post switching between 3g and hspa?

    Cool, the H is fine I just think it shows the toggle to 3g to much. SGS2 never did that.