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    Post Anybody else having issues with the new Android 11 update?

    Same lagging in Android 11 on Edge. I also have Edge+, on Edge+ no change.
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    Post Edge screen has same green tint problem as Edge+

    Too bad I just noticed my Edge starting to have green tint when it's in low light, I don't think it was like this one week ago...
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    Post Android 11

    Tried with same type-c dock, Edge+ has video output, Edge doesn't.
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    Post Android 11

    No that thing is only available for Edge plus, and for Edge plus no available firmware yet. Edge's type-c doesn't include HDMI output, it's even just an USB2.0 port.
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    Post Android 11

    Basically I did all things inside servicefile.xml: fastboot getvar max-sparse-size fastboot oem fb_mode_set fastboot flash partition gpt.bin fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img fastboot flash radio radio.img fastboot flash bluetooth BTFM.bin fastboot flash...
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    Post Android 11

    The normal fastboot way. My Edge is the Tim-Italy variant, was with software version QPDS30.114-80-4. Before flash I compared firmware zips "Tim-Italy" and "Retail Brazil UMTS_LTE", they have the same md5 hash value. So I just did unzip and flash "Retail Brazil UMTS_LTE" RPD31.Q4U-39-26-4...
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    Post Android 11

    Flashed it manually as I don't want to wait for OTA, so far it's good.
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    Thread LG G8X EU version got Android 10 this morning through LG Bridge

    OTA on phone doesn't work but with LG bridge this is it. Sent from my LM-G850 using Tapatalk
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    Post LG G8x Think ATT

    No, even you don't get ota if you're out of ATT network. No cross flash version of lgup until now. Sent from my LM-G850 using Tapatalk
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    Post When was the last update?

    Just bought an ATT G8X from eBay, good price. And then found out the software stuck in November security patch version 10i. As I'm not in US and I don't have an ATT sim, there's is no way to get the OTA right? Now there's no kdz released and and no cross flash version of lgup available.
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    Post Moto P30 Note - compability with One Power

    Almost the same but different baseband and software channel. One big difference: 6GB vs 4GB RAM
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    Post 2020-01-01 security patch update

    Got it yesterday, thanks for the info man
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    Post Protection cover (silicon/leather/plastic) for the Dual Screen

    No more case as G8X is already too thick with the dual screen case, but I would really like to have something like an anti-fingerprints screen protector applied on the cover display, when dual screen is closed. Any suggestion?
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    Post Finally!! Moto One Power "Android 10" is out now for users.

    Thanks for the link, wondering if this will work on an unlocked Moto P30 Note? On P30 note I flash everything from latest full ROM except those files: bootloader.img, BTFM.bin, fsg.mbn, gpt.bin, NON-HLOS.bin.
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    Post LG G8X Software Update v10C 22nd November

    Got the update yesterday, security patch update to Nov 1 2019, no noticeable change during normal usage