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    Post [ROM][P31xx][MM][6.0.1][Linaro][SaberMod] CyanogenMod 13

    Loving this ROM ..., good job Sent from my GT-P5110 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post [ROM] « Serendipity VII » | Build 3 | Kernel 4.1 | **10/3** [FINAL]

    I run avg antivirus on my phone and was recently alerted that superuser was infected. Had anyone else had this pop up on them. It recommended that I uninstall it which I tried but it failed. Any suggestions. It started happening after the program was updated from the market. Sent from my...
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    Post [ROM][JS8][5/17/11]♣Continuum v4.1♣The most feature complete Captivate ROM. Stable!

    Love this rom. Very quick. Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA Premium App
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    Post [ROM][2.2] »» Cognition 4.5.3 «« | The Original Captivate Rom

    Best battery life yet. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using XDA Premium App
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    Post [THEME]CRYSIS RevolutioN - A new definition of theming!RELEASED!!CONTINUUM New UPDATE

    Very Nice theme. You had me all excited. I thought I was going to be able to download now. I will be checking all weekend now. Uggghhh ........ j/k great work can't wait.
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    Post Phoenix---->UPDATE IN PROGRESS!

    Sorry to hear about your situation. As hard as it is sometimes we have to rise above the morons. Remember they are just att drones/sheep. That being said it is still inexcusable. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using XDA App
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    Post [Q] Hey Devs, whatcha gonna do with the new Froyo source?

    I have question about the source code that was just released. How do I implement it into my build enviroment? I mean ok I extract the file. Then read the readme file. It says to overwrite the modules I want to build. Is there a general rule to what should and should not be over written. I have...
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    Post [Source] Captivate I897 Froyo KB1 source released

    Bout freaking time. Now maybe we will get some work done. Not that the devs here have not done what they could with what they had. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using XDA App
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    Post [ROM][2.2] »» Cognition 4.5.3 «« | The Original Captivate Rom

    To all on both sides I can see where one might think I was complaning but I really was not intending for it to sound that way. I respect DG's work I see him as one of the true developers here. Not just someone riding on some else's shoulders. I just can't wait for the kernel code to drop so DG...
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    Post [ROM][2.2] »» Cognition 4.5.3 «« | The Original Captivate Rom

    Can't wait fir the kernel source to drop. I get the worst signal with this modem. Do not want to change the kernel/modem. I hate the i9000 splash screen. I wish the kernel devs would compile a different splash when they make their kernels. Would bit be that hard. Dg did it on firebird. Sent...
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    Post [ROM~JS8]SuperNova4.2[Team Phoenix]4/17~Swass points. No deduction!~

    Just flashed yesterday after riding the perception train for awhile. Graphical wise this is always top notch. There is one minor detail that bugs the ****e out me. With all the nice graphics can no one help you fix that dang contacts button in the dialer. Its been that way since before you took...
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    Post [ROM]Perception Build 9.5 | 99 (CogKernel6, Voodoo5, tons of tweaks!)

    I have luck doing this. While in recovery hold down both volume buttons and the power on button. Eventually this will result in a a reboot. As soon as you reboot plug in your usb cable. If fast enough I have had this go into download mode. I meant to quote c0ldburn3r's post request on how to...
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    Post [ROM]Perception Build 9.5 | 99 (CogKernel6, Voodoo5, tons of tweaks!)

    Flashed last night. No overnight charge death. Only one minor issue so far. When I open contacts it refuses to close when hitting the back button. I am recently back to DG after a time with axura which is a great rom but it has turned into a injectathon in order to release another version. No...
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    Post [ROM][FROYO]▽▲ AXURA Captivate Edition ▼△[RC 2.2][12/11/10]

    GPS Just a little note on GPS. Everyone should know that changing any settings in LBSTEST mode, like your supl server or msbased. These settings are actually not maintained by the system once you finish with LBSTEST. The supl server is specified in /etc/gps.conf and also in the...
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    Post [ROM][FROYO]▽▲ AXURA Captivate Edition ▼△[RC 2.2][12/11/10]

    I will not requote you hans but just wanted wish you a speedy and a most positive recovery. I applaud your work on this rom and mostly your ability to realize when to put your important assets first, your family and your health. Two things that rely heavily on each other. Be well brother we...