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    Thread i need a refresher can anyone help

    so i been at my computer for HOURS and having major issues with TWRP not wonting to boot right, yes i am trying to install a later version of TWRP but everywhere i look a no go i even tried TWRP 3.4.0-1 so since everything has changed what is new out there, what are the new ways to get TWRP to...
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    Thread why can't i get into TWRP

    so i installed another ROM but for some messed up reason i cant access TWRP, cant do it via fastboot/ADB, cant do it via APP and cant do it with the vol down + power (yes i did let go of power when logo shows and hold down again. i can get into the bootloader of my phone but no way to get...
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    Post no stock recovery/bootloop stock OS

    well i managed to got it figured out saw a post similer to mine and did the steps, well in that post i had to get LGup but i managed to get a patched verson of LGUP, on there it said to do a partiotion DL option and select all, well that did not work for me so i said lets see if refurbish will...
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    Thread no stock recovery/bootloop stock OS

    for one thing i know most of some of you might be happy to see me here so whats up i am fine but stressed so i was helping someone to get lineage OS running on their phone and i managed to get that part successful but lineage sucks for me unless theres alot i missed on how bad everything went...
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    Post Public add rootsystem with TOT vs990 made by tungkick Even tho there is a video about 15a to 13a it will still work cause oreo is downgradeable on the V20 If you have any questions or need help feel free to message here
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    Thread LG G4 VS986 system.img help

    So i got someone wanting to root the G4 but the links i posted are down, i managed to get the rootedsystem.img, 13B.KDZ but i am having a hard time getting the system.img, anyone know where i can find it, thanks
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    Post LG G4 Bootloop problem ( After using LASER WOLF metod to enable all apps to DW)

    well just saw this, sorry that the method has caused you a problem, i haven't had this phone for awhile after i broke my phone, hope you was able to get it back up and going again
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    Post LGG4 13b root (vs986 ONLY) (update 4-10-2016)

    sup everyone, laser here, i was notified about the links being broken and i am at work on it as we speak, i was able to recover the rootedsystem.img and 13B KDZ, i am on a lookout for the system.img, if anyone has a copy please post it so i can set these files up on my google drive, Video and...
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    Post need help with FRP google account verification

    well i been looking and haven't found it, there was one BAT file someone made it cleared it all i keep looking around this was on the LG G4 tho thought there will be one for the v20 plus i wont use this on anyones phone, if you look me up you see who i am laserwolf452. i help people with their...
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    Thread need help with FRP google account verification

    locked out of my LG V20 vs995, is there a tool out there that can lear out this info like the one i found here on XDA phone is on VS99513A please and thanks
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    Post HTC Desire 626 (At&t) Root Confirmed!

    hey, i was helping a friend out and see kingroot dose work, but we want to get SU on his phone can you upload that as the link dont work thanks
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    Thread AT&T LG K10 K425 root help

    so i got a friend who needs help rooting his K10 he is running Android 7.0, what is the most up to date root method. i been looking but not really getting much info, can anyone help me go to the right path to root this phone, thank you
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    Post V20 vs995 oreo question

    Was hoping to get an answer as i have people asking me but when i get the time i look unless you can do me a favor and post a link. That would be appreciated if not its cool and thanks for the time to read the post
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    Thread V20 vs995 oreo question

    I seen oreo has been released on the v20 and alearted my youtube fans about the update and not take it or lose root. Since oreo is a new version of Android OS will the uppercut downgrade method still work for oreo to 13a or will it brick the phone If it will brick the phone is there a way to...