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    Post What will your next phone be ?

    I am going to wait for the Pixel 4 and then make a decision.. I would choose the 7 Pro over the S10 Plus for its VFM and screen!
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.1] OOS 4.1.3 Nougat for OP3T !!!

    Widgets I placed in another page in Launcher is dissapearing! Anyone else have this issue? I placed Black Music Player widget, Color Notes, etc. I could use it till screen off. But after sometime, when I unlock and try to use it, it's nowhere to be seen. The entire 2nd page of Launcher is gone.
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    Post OxygenOS 3.2.8 (MM) OTA for OnePlus 3 Out

    Updated successfully. Double tap power button for camera was a nice option. Triple tap the power button and it directly calls emergency services. I hope my trial press didn't ring :laugh: I think this is common for all regions.
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMOD 14.1 for falcon

    Just confirm. In Oneplus 3, flashing Banks GAPPS solved the permission dialog problem.
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMOD 14.1 for falcon

    To everyone having issues with permission dialog, try flashing Banks GAPPS instead of OpenGapps. Bank Gapps
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    Post [ROM][7.1][NOUGAT][STABLE][CyanogenMod 14.1][UNOFFICIAL]

    The echo problem. Anyone tried covering the secondary mic while on call? No echo whilst using headset with mic?
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    Post Is there Any App For Fingerprint off for sleep time

    That's one downside dude. Especially if you're in college and your friends want to play game on your Phone. Only thing they need is your finger. ????
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    Post [ROM] Update to OxygenOS 3.2.0 received

    What I expected : * Brightness slider and Adaptive Brightness fix * 60fps Video recording * Optimize OIS in Video * Fix noise cancellation algorithm * Network issues fix But I feel the phone is more snappier and I hope the notification delay problem has been solved.
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    Post OP3 Heating up. Normal?

    Can anyone provide a legend to the thermal sensors In CPU-Z. For me, some Tsens_tz_* have hit 90degC mark while quite_therm has hit a max of 46. But I think it's far better. But sometimes, it gets warm in hand for no reason.
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    Post Oneplus 3 Tempered Glass and Cases

    I know that. I meant the counterfeits and cheapos flooding the market. :silly:
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    Post Oneplus 3 Tempered Glass and Cases

    Oh god.. Chinese everywhere ???? So, we better check with manufacturer's official site before jumping to conclusions.
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    Post Huge heat when in pocket

    Great job. Do update :good:
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    Post Huge heat when in pocket

    Take up responsibility and send a mail to Oneplus Support :)