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    Post Question Brightness toggle location

    It's still stays at the top of the screen
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    Post Question Brightness toggle location

    BSB works quite well, thank you. Did not know about its existence. You are right, it switches off automatic brightness but it can be switched back again in BSB near brightness toggle. Can be good as a temporary solution. Another workaround is an accessibility shortcut which is an eye sore but...
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    Thread Question Brightness toggle location

    Is it possible to bring down the brightness toggle so it can be reached with one hand without root? I use auto brightness but sometimes have to adjust it manually as it's not very accurate all the time. As a work around I switch on one handed mode and move it this way which is a bit awkward.
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    Post Question Weird scrolling

    The solution is to go to Settings > Accessibility > Timing Controls > Touch & hold delay >Put medium instead of Short. Helped me. The credit goes to user Igoriando from Russian forum 4PDA.
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    Post Question Weird scrolling

    Same issue, too sensitive. Highlighting text and clicking links unwillingly sometimes when scrolling. Probably tempered glass can reduce sensitivity a bit. Using hydrogel film for now.
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    Post Question Call recording

    Thanks, will try it. Found a solution, Cube ACR works quite well.
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    Post General Bluetooth is completely broken

    Mine works fine with Galaxy watch and galaxy buds+. No issues at all. But I have problem with connection to my Volkswagen car. It connects fine, but I can't make it to connect for audio only. I don't need the phone part connected, only audio but it only connects automatically if audio with...
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    Post Question Call recording

    Thanks. Tried these settings but silence on both sides.
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    Post Question No Service Issue

    Had the same on my wife's P6. The connection would appear briefly, the call sometimes would go through but then connection lost and asked to switch off plane mode by the system. Tried 3 different sim cards, hard reset etc. Filed a return and her new phone is working as it should now.
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    Post Question Call recording

    I have got the paid version of Skvalex by can't get to work with different settings. Could you share please the settings for this app.
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    Thread Question Call recording

    I am from the UK and we can't use the Google dialer for recording calls. Tried a couple of apps but can't get it working properly. Have anyone managed to find a solution e.g 3rd party app for decent call recording without root and if so which settings do you use? Thanks
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    Post Question Pixel 6 Pro screen sensitivity issue, maybe?

    Same story, the screen is too sensitive although the setting for it is off. It's highlighting the text or hitting the links while scrolling in browser or Amazon or anywhere else. I have hydrogel screen protector installed. Very annoying.
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    Post General First impressions - not great

    I am waiting for my P6P to arrive but I have my wife's Pixel 6 to compare the screen with my S21 ultra. Brightness on pixel 6 is way lower, if I put it to 75% it will match Galaxy's 50%. White is not as white, it's got yellowish tint.
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    Post Question Pixel 6 pro UK preorder and delivery date

    Ordered Black P6 pro 256GB on the 21st via mobiles.co.uk. Spoke to them on the 25, confirmed in stock for 28th delivery. Rang them today, told out for stock, delivery now 30th November. Absolute Jokers... Will cancel the order. P. S wife's Pixel 6 was delivered from them today with no issues.
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    Post MATE 20 PRO - Generic questions RE: notification sounds / contacts / ringtones

    I use Light Manager 2 from Google Play. Works pretty well for me with customisable colours of the LED.