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    Thread Opening RTSP video in VideoView

    hmm. how do I delete a post?
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    Post Android UI design patterns for developers

    Thanks Mills, I really enjoy doing it. I'm just hoping that it brings value to others.
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    Thread Android UI design patterns for developers

    Hi all! I've been writing a blog about Android UI Design patterns for a while now. My selfish goal for the blog is to help to improve app quality in the Android market to get better apps to my phone. I'm also a developer (been one for a long time) and I understand the difficulty to get app...
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    Post [Tutorial] Fix FOTA bricked (unlocked bootloader) Phones

    Phew. This unbricked my phone! Thank you! Just bought you a beer though paypal :) Keep up the good work.
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    Post [Q] Xperia Arc not turning on anymore

    Flo95, yes. My bootloader is unlocked. I thought the OTAs would still work. Thank you very much for pointing me towards a solution. Well appreciated!
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    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc not turning on anymore

    I just received an OTA to my Xperia Arc. The update downloaded fine and it started the update OK. During the update (I had the open box icon an 4 dots on screen) the phone just shut down and now it doesn't turn on anymore... Nothing happens if I press power button (it doesn't matter how long)...
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    Post [APP] Analytix for Google Analytix(Trial/Paid)

    I have to pay separately for honeycomb version? Not cool... I'd be happy to pay the 2e if it'd include the phone pro too.
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    Post [APP] Pool Party - Google

    I'd love to get an invite please: [email protected] Thank you very much!
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    Post Widget for Google Analytics

    Great widget! This is something I've been looking for. I don't know if analytics APIs allow but it would be awesome to also see yesterday's visitor numbers maybe as a smaller number on side or something. Thanks for the app!
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    Post [Q] How many Xperia Arcs have the rebooting problem?

    Mine reboots at least few times a week.
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    Post [Q] Arc camera often not available

    I have the same problem. The camera app fails to launch. I long press camera button and get the haptic feedback but nothing happens.
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    Thread Arc phone app non-responsive

    Hey all! I have a serious problem with my Xperia Arc. The phone application is often very slow to start (start time after selecting a number over 30 seconds) or some times doesn't start at all. Often after having this problem it is not solved even by reboot but I have to remove the battery and...
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    Post SE arc screenshot colors are wrong

    OK, thanks hush66. I'll whine about it to SE then :)
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    Post SE arc screenshot colors are wrong

    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear in my problem description. I think my ac has a problem in screenshot software. I don't know if it is a common problem with SE arc or just my phone (in which case I should return it).
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    Thread SE arc screenshot colors are wrong

    Hi All, I'm having this strange problem with my SE arc. When I take screenshots using the USB cable and ddms colors int he screenshots are wrong. If I simply plug in my N1 or Moto Milestone I don't have this problem. Is my phone broken or is there something I can do in software to fix it...