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  • lennie

    I am new here and want to upgrade my Advantage x7500 which is running win mob 6 CE OS 5.2.1238 (build 17745.0.2.3).

    It takes forever to load up and then almost as long to move from program to program. Typing takes ages as it does not respond immediately to any instruction.

    Would it get better if I try to update the OS?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Lennie,

    Sorry, I also forgot to ask you that even in Michy's 6.5 Beta 4, when I use both the 128 or 96dpi, the signal of my fone drops down from full to barely with signal at all. Do you experience the same? Ive reformatted my microdrive and removed my storage card before flashing to beta 4 by the way. Hope you can help me with this. Thank you
    Hi Lennie,

    I flashed my rom to michy's 6.5 rc1 but was quite disappointed as it always hangs. I saw the rom that you are using which is the beta 4 of michy's 6.5 and was very happy with it. My question is that the advance settings is not in the settings button. I wanted to personalize the contacts button at the today page and replace it with phone. Can you help me with this? Thank you
    Hi Lennie,

    saw that you updated your x7500 to wm6.5.

    I would like to test it with my ameo, too, but I´m not sure whether the USB-Port is working well.

    Now I´m using a 120GB HDD with my USB port (4in1)cable and it´s working without any problems.

    thanks in advance
    I disabled the dialer skin. I find that most skined dialer are really slow, but the built in dialer is fast enough, so that what I use...
    Where do you download and how do you install the new dialer? Please help. My dialer was white, couldn't see the keypad
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