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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][m7 m7vzw m7spr] Android Ice Cold Project 15.0 [Official WEEKLYS]

    nope, it's latest sense fw. should I provide logcat please?
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0][m7 m7vzw m7spr] Android Ice Cold Project 15.0 [Official WEEKLYS]

    I think I'm in bootloop in newly flashed state.
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    Post Xposed Framework for Android N

    If xposed nougat is less battery hungry and it will be more fantastic:D
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED] SBXposed

    will it hide for other apps? thanks
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    Post [APP] PokeMod EX for Pokemon GO & Ingress

    Seems xposed is banned by safetynet API, would you teach me to bypass? thanks
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    Post [Discussion] PokeMon Go Magisk Discussion Thread

    Thanks, mate, though the module is disabled together with xposed on my fone (mokee android 6.0.1,w/ nov patch). Will try another rom:crying:
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    Post [Discussion] PokeMon Go Magisk Discussion Thread

    So sad the module not loading and SuperSU/xposed is disabled flawlessly... Any suggestions?
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    Post [Discussion] PokeMon Go Magisk Discussion Thread

    How did you bypass 'Magisk not fully supported', chudy_85 ? Did your rom come with SuperSU? or do you have other suggestions? Thanks
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    Post [MOD] [Experimental] MultiROM v33 for Moto X Pure Edition/Style (clark)

    it doesnt in the Op iI think, we should build it from github....lol
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    Bug: Volume music control not working, due to volume to wake..... and no way to disable? santod040
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    "Moto devices generally: I suspect it is something to do with dtb image not unpackable" I happened to boot with all 3 current mods enabled, but magisk manager cant toggle lol I'm on AICP custom rom (seems CM13 based), and with latest xposed/phh/viper flashed till 29-Sept topjohnwu Is it...
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    Post [Beta Version] We are here to optimize your experience with Remix OS for PC

    So happy I can share my spec. here........ It's a quite oudated model Viewsonic Viewpad 97i WIFI version but I hope there is still a chance for Remix OS to work on it...lol and I suggest remix os installation tool can choose grub bootloader mode other than the default NT6 mode because it's a...
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    fastboot oem rebootRUU then fastboot flash zip <path to firmaware zip>
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    Post [XPOSED] Pokemon GO IV checker [UPDATED 2016-08-18 v1.3]

    Bug? I have seen that my name of the pokemons are gone.... even I've enabled append behind name Attached is my situation, when I have enabled the module. Thanks for great app
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    Post Kali Net-hunter - 3.0 - Nougat/Marshmallow

    Seem cool...... What features does it incl.?