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  • Salut

    J'arrive a faire marcher le MUI, tu l'as trouvé ma version corrigée ? Des que je mets
    le FR y a rien c vide ! Je suis en rom FR donc je le renomme en 040C ben rien ne marche
    je remet l'anglais, le 0409 en le renommant, ca marche ??? Je comprend rien, meme
    en prennant le tien d'origine ca fais pareil !
    Bonjour lepsyfou
    I was looking at a skin called RomMod 2.1 by Behome over at www.actualitemobile.com. I know that you and I can communicate via English. Do you know if that skin is available in English? Where I can download it in English? I have seen a similiar skin floating around this XDA forum, but without the page that has MRU Icons that look like the square Icons from the folder page. I have never seen that page anywhere else, maybe it represents someting else in the Theme; just curious, and again would love to download it. I like the background also! Any help would be appreciated. Merci'
    Steven [email protected]
    do you have the wmp touch skin in a cab file instead of zip file i can't load the zip? it looks soon cool
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