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Recent content by lexobys01

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    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    Try to uninstal it from recovery
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    Post [APP] [4.1+] Eradoo- Erase your data when phone is lost or stolen ** PROMO CODES **

    Never have I received any promo codes hope this one will
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    Post ROM][10.0] Pixel Experience [AOSP][OFFICIAL][2020/06/18]

    Flash dm verity Downloading is fine here
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    Post ROM][10.0] Pixel Experience [AOSP][OFFICIAL][2020/06/18]

    3 buttons navigation is working fine here. If you are on the swipe gesture nav. try to lower its sensitivity. Or try to change to 3 button nav. again and reboot right after the change, see if it helps
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    Post ROM][10.0] Pixel Experience [AOSP][OFFICIAL][2020/06/18]

    Nice fast and slim rom....thanks!! Spent the whole day customizing, now it's ready to be ny faily driver!!
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    Post Redmi k30 bricked after installing magisk

    Give it another try by instaling magisk manager app first, then flash magisk from the manager. If it's still not working, remove with magisk uninstaller, rather than flashing the whole ROM, and try with 20.1
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    Post Redmi k30 bricked after installing magisk

    I dont have k30, but you should flash lower version, say 19.3, it might help
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    Post [Magisk][Module] MIUI Debloater v1.2 [Pie/Ten][10/30/2019]

    No sweat bro, I'm also Indonesian too.... Anyway, to be on the safe side, so a full backup from twrp, better safe than sorry
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    Post [Magisk][Module] MIUI Debloater v1.2 [Pie/Ten][10/30/2019]

    In twrp, tap adcance, you will find file manager there. Click, go to data/adb/modules...you will find folders of installed modules, you can delete which ever you want. PS: are u indonesian bro? Judging from your profile name
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    Post 255 error with TWRP backup/restore (999)

    I have manage to get the backup dan restore working by simply removing the screenlock/password from setting, that's it!!
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    Post Fix error 255 on TWRP backup/restore

    Ok...so I manage to get the data backup/restore working by doing this : 1.check other user in data/system : no other user exist but user 0, not working 2.chek 999 in data/system : no 999 folder/file exist, still not working 3. In terminal by typing ls */10 or /5 etc : coudn't find any...
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    Post [Magisk][Module] MIUI Debloater v1.2 [Pie/Ten][10/30/2019]

    Flash magisk uninstaller, you can find it floating around here, but you will loose root, flash magisk again if you still want to root your phone . But my favorite way is boot into recovery, find magisk module which cause problems, delete it, reboot Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] EVOLUTION-X 4.1.420 [Ginkgo][AOSP][25-02-2020]

    I guess it will need some more time for the camera to work properly in most of the custom rom here...hope it will be able to run gcam in the future Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]-[2019.11.28]-MiuiMiX_2.0_ginkgo-[9.0]-[Official]

    Does anyone successfully flash latest magisk 20.3 in this? It always ended up with bootloop on mine, have to stay on 19.3 Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk