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    Post Good Lock 2018

    This is cool. Thanks OP. Also found edge lighting+ in the app store
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    Post Galaxy tab s2 9.7 very Slow charging!

    thank for the info. Like I said, I sent in my tablet to Samsung when it was under warranty with the original white samsung charger and they sent the tablet back with a slower charging black samsung charger. I have exchange the usb port, tried different cables and plugs, tried resetting, etc...
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    Post Samsung Insights discussion

    Dumb question, When you install the insights app, the gps turns on and off randomly? Im guessing thats part of the program tracking/survey.
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    Post Galaxy tab s2 9.7 very Slow charging!

    Also out of ideas myself
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    Post Galaxy tab s2 9.7 very Slow charging!

    did you disconnect and reconnect the battery?
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    Post Galaxy tab s2 9.7 very Slow charging!

    I wanted to call Samsung and asked them what they fixed when I sent it to them when it was on warranty.
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    Post Best Dark Theme

    Samsung theme market - the theme is called [DNA] UI - developer is Deepanshu naagar. Awesone dark theme. I think you can just search UI and find it.
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    Post Galaxy tab s2 9.7 very Slow charging!

    if you have slow charging issue, the tablet gives you a warning to use the original charger to charge it fast. If you don't get the notification of slow charging, then your tablet doesn't have any charging issues.
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    Post Samsung Insights discussion

    samsung is known for scamming customers out of perfect phones. you send the, a perfect phone, and they will charge your credit card months later for sending them a faulty phone. its all over slickdeals website. search note 9 slickdeals current thread and old threads.
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    Post Galaxy tab s2 9.7 very Slow charging!

    I have this also. Had slow charging for months. The first time samsung fixed it and sent me a new charger. The second time i was out of warranty so i replaced the charging port myself, tried many different chargers and cables and can't figure it out. It charges really really slow.
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    Post A.I.S. [Oreo 8.0] (H930/H930DS) [Thread closed]

    Thank you for the rom. It is full of goodies. I own a US998 and after flashing it, I dont get any service. I rebooted a couple of times and still no service. I also cant add an APN to get it to work. any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Post Separate data plan?

    not worth the extra $10. You will get a new number for your watch and watch battery drains fast.
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    Post How can I improve T713 battery life?

    I would keep it stock and enjoy it. Over 6 hours of screen time is actually pretty good. Did you use it straight for those six hours? Do you have sync, nfc, gps turned on? Any apps that continuously refresh like weather, email, or other games, etc.... Battery drain is very subjective. I use my...
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    Post Still terrible bAttery

    Apps have intervals. For example, the heart rate sensor by default is set to 10 min. Imagine the impact that has on the battery. Same with weather. You can set your weather to check every hour but you must turn on your phones GPS. The watch doesn't know where you are if your phone's GPS is off...