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    Post Official EMBRYO 6 Q and A thread. Please post your questions here

    Hello, I just changed to embryo 6.10 and I've recently noticed that I'll get random notification sounds, but there's nothing new, no texts, emails, notifications in the notification bar, no new updates that I can see, basically nothing has happened that would warrant a notification. Has this...
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    Post Official EMBRYO 6 Q and A thread. Please post your questions here

    I did a reflash of 6.4 yesterday after full wipes of all storages. I'm still getting random force closes and just had a random reboot also. I've attached the logs if anyone can decipher them and help me figure out what may be the problem. I'm also noticing wake locks but I've been very careful...
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    Thread [Q] LTE and Data random disconnects

    I recently flashed to the uclf5 galaxy S3 r4 rom with mohans kernel and I love it. The only problem is the Data connections. The original APN that installed in the flash would connect and had great speeds but would not allow me to send or receive picture messages. Standard text's were ok but no...
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    Post [Updated]Custom Boot Animations - Now works on Froyo or GB - Requests Welcomed

    I've already set my boot sound for this. I'm wondering if there's a way to make the beggining of this video up until the castle fades to black as the boot animation? That would be great. also no dates on the bottom if possible
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    Post androidIMATIONS | Custom Boot Animations for Android | New Animation & Video 10.29.10

    I would love to see one with link from legend of zelda a link to the past where he's getting the master sword from the forest. but instead of the master sword he picks up the android guy!