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    Post V40 Firmware links by Ainz_Ooal_Gown

    Any links for those of us who are NOT receiving the update to Android 10 on our phones? I have been searching for days and can't find anything for V405UA Android 10 update. My phone is AT&T.
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    Post Wireless Powershare

    Thanks for the info bro.
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    Thread Wireless Powershare

    Can anyone tell how i can get this feature on my S9+? Samsung Wireless Powershare from the S10 or if there is an app i need to install?.
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    Post Root For S7/S7Edge Oreo And Nougat

    Can someone tell me which option removes knox software from the phone?
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    Post Lets Turn That Paper Weight Back to an

    will this method work on Binary 5 firmware?
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    Post [Noble Note8 Experience 1.0 BETA2 N8 PORT][SM-G920/5 F-FD-I-K-L-S-T-W8][06/11/2017]

    can someone post a link with this rom for me please? DOWNLOAD LINK: NOBLE NOTE8 EXPERIENCE 1.0 BETA2
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    Post Fix Any Bricked Samsung - Snapdragon - Exynos - All regions and types

    can anyone help me with a N9500 in qualcomm mode
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    Post how to flash stock rom on sharp aquos crystal 305sh?

    can you share the solution so that others can benefit! i to have the same problem.
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    Post [ROOT] - lafsploit - H918 (any version up to and including 20h) - now n00b friendly

    Compare the hashes. If they don't match, then you have a bad flash --STOP and try: ./ --restoremisc h918-twrp.img carrier again! If you can't get a hash match, DO NOT continue. At this point your phone is completely safe. If you have a hash match, then carrier was flashed...
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    Post AT&T Unlocked LG V10

    can anyone with this update share the file please h90021z.
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    Post H90022b Software update,October 12, 2017

    can someone with this update share it please as some of are not getting the update ota.
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    Post LG H900 Unbrick via Qfil

    Thanks you Bro your solution worked for me for my H900. Do you have a similar solution for the VS990W LG V10 i have one thats stuck in Qualcomm mode
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    Post LG H900.20w Qualcomm 9008 unbrick debrick.img

    Anyone has been able to do a dump from H900 21w as yet?