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  • Привет! Мне надо прошить русский РОМ, но после всего процесса появляется сообщение, которое упомянуто в форуме. Если есть решение этой проблемы, прошу помочь, если возможно. Спасибо, Гена:)
    hey buddy, i know you are quite busy, but please help us out here.

    we need you to help us do minor changes in the itisalat arabic HTC magic rom. just give me what i need to do and i will do it. i am a software engineer and i am quite familiar with android.

    We need root access, i tried copying the modified su command to /system/bin but it seems that i cant mount the filesystem as read and write :/ and if i try to push it through adb, i get no space available error. i tried updating a whole new rooted /system folder, but that took away the arabic support. please help. (which files should i pull out of the old /system folder to push into the new rooted one to get the support back)

    also, i found out that the ROM you uploaded doesn't have some commands in the /system/lib available (like ls, mount, cp, mv ..... ) i will add them, please help with these and i will release my own modification :D
    Dear football:
    I cook a 6.1 ROM for ACER N311,But it checksum error ofter download flash.dio,so,could you tell me how to checkm the sum and built the new rom,and send me the tool?
    my PDA is ACER N300, i just try upgrade the RAM to 128MB,But, the ROM Can't read the total ram . can you try to make a new Rom For me, Or tell me how to unpack your Acer_n311_wm6.1_Football_Edition.rom . it's very important for me , i need your help. Thank you

    I am a crazy american living in Ukraine... I bought what I thoguth was a great new phone with winmo 6.1, samsung i740.... any ideas on how to get an english version? this phone is not sold in the USA and my russian is poor at best...
    I downloaded your WM 6.1 ROM A08 for the Dell Axim X51v .There seems to be a problem with the transcriber.I should be able to underline numerous words at the same time and then back stroke in order to erase them.What happens is the screen starts blinking and I get about 1 cm width of blinking black lines at the top of the screen and a mouse arrow too. I can turn the Axim off and then on again-in which case the blinking stops.The best I can do at this point is to tap on any individual word and delete only that word.Any help to remidy the problem would be greatly appreciated.Thankyou so much in advance, and for all the great work you've been doing
    I just downloaded your Axim X51v ROM for WM 6.1. I'd like to donate to you for your work into this terrific update, how can I do this?
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