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    Post Downgrade Huawei P Smart (FIG-LX1)

    Hi, I know that this is an old thread. But I tried t34v2's method, and it kind of worked, it updated the recovery(it looks completely different) but it still will not boot. Is there anything else I could try ? Thank you for any help.
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    Post [A12][S][A40]OctaviOS 3.0 Unofficial

    Hi, I just tried to flash this ROM on my A405FN but I could not get it to boot, I did wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik, Vendor and System. I then flashed the rom, rebooted and nothing happened, I just got a black screen. I don't know if I did something wrong, but it just does not want to boot. I also...
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    Post [A11][R][ARM64][A40][GAPPS]dotOS 1.1 Fan Edition

    Hi! I just want to ask if you are going to update this ROM to the new dotOS 5.2. As I found out that it works much better than the regular dotOS release. BTW you did a really good job on this one. Thank you very much!
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    Post [KERNEL][CUSTOM] Eureka kernel for all variants of Galaxy A40 for android 10(Q) & 11(R) & 12(S) ROMs

    Hi, this kernel does not seem to work on my Samsung Galaxy A40 SM-A405FN. I tried this with multiple ROMs including the stock one. I get stuck on a black screen after the Samsung logo is shown. The other kernel that is on this forum, the physwizz_kernel. By the way for users who are stuck on...
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    Post [A40][R] Derpfest R Community Beta Unofficial

    Hi, I tried to install this ROM on my samsung galaxy A40 SM-A405FN but it did not boot, black screen. But I think this is something to do with the Eureka Kernel. I tried to install this kernel along with another ROM but I had the same problem, it got stuck on a black screen. The ROM alone worked...
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    Post [A11] [R] [ARM64] [A40] DotOS 5.1 Unoffical - GAPPS

    I did tried this again just to be sure I wiped system/data/cache/vendor and then I flashed your custom vendor and then the ROM but nothing, got stuck on black screen again, your other ROMs work fine. I am going to wait for the update. Thank you for maintaining your ROMs.
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    Post [A11] [R] [ARM64] [A40] DotOS 5.1 Unoffical - GAPPS

    Hi, I can't seem to get it to boot, after flashing your custom vendor and then the ROM, it just stays on a black screen, even the logo does not show up. BTW I was using the previous version fine.
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    Thread Can't flash GAPPs on x86 intel device.

    Hi, I have an older lenovo tablet. There was windows 10 installed when I got it but it was very slow, so I decided to go with android - Bliss OS ROM. The ROM works perfectly there are no problems with it, but there are no gapps. There is MicroG but I could not get it working. The root is...