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    Post [SODP][ROM][AOSP][XZ2, XZ2C, XZ3] SonyAOSP 11 [BETA]

    the ennoying search bar can only be permanently removed from the 0th screen of the workspace by setting the Variable QSB_ON_FIRST_SCREEN to false which was defined in packages/apps/Launcher3/config/ (in Android 9,10, don't know about 11) which I do agree that someone could...
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    Post [ROM][BETA][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Xperia T/TX/V

    I just installed & must say this looks very promising, so far no issues and a much better feeling than with 17.1. Bluetooth seems to work here. I can even use the square again. So my oldest mobile has the newest lineage now, unbelievable. @AdrianDC Thanks again very much and all the best for 2021!
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial][AOSP9r46/Pie & AOSP10r41][X/X Dualsim/X Compact]2020-11-01 builds

    vknecht I think you should start a new thread because: if I would have found this, I would have tried it! As I didn't, I build the aosp_legacy ROM myself, which took 7Hours +. Is there something special about this ROM here or is it basicaly the same as the one resulting out of the sosp? I...
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    Post [ROM][STABLE][10] LineageOS 17.1 for Xperia T/TX/V

    also jumping on the train lately (20200920), so I can confirm this square thing for the V Also my big thank you!
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    Post [ROM][FINAL][9.0] LineageOS 16.0 for Xperia ZR

    thank you very much, hopefully someone is able to catch up
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    Post [ROM][NIGHTLIES][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 for Xperia ZR

    I've got a little problem with lineage-15.1-20190128-nightly hotspot on my ZR. If I try to switch the hotspot to the 5GHz band it stays on 2,4GHz but reports to be on 5GHz. And every time I used the hotspot (shortly) battery drain keeps to be extremely high until I reboot the phone. Both...
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1] LineageOS 15.1 for Xperia T/TX/V

    You quote but you don't seem to read what you are quoting, so whats the use of such posts? And you violate the forum rules again. Ever heard about no ETA?
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1] LineageOS 15.1 for Xperia T/TX/V

    I'm deeply impressed, greatest rom I ever tried, thank you so much!
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia T/TX/V

    I'm still wondering why the Oreo phone app can't create a VOIP account in opposite to the Nougat app. Can anybody give me a hint :confused:
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia SP

    Twrp filemanager could delete it
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia T/TX/V

    and I don't know why I get permission denied if I try to copy the screenshots to the sdcard, files even does not show the home folder, apart from this: very promising rom
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia T/TX/V

    my bad, didn't read carefully, at least it wasn't just me any hints on calling accounts, I attach view from Oreo (empty) vs Nougat
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia T/TX/V

    Solution for my problem: it works with TWRP 3.2.1, it failed with TWRP 3.1.0, thanks to the SP thread :o
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia T/TX/V

    My tsubasa failed to install, I tried a clean install, my tsubasa is recognized as "."
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    Post [ROM][SNAPSHOT][8.1.0] AOSP Oreo for Xperia T/TX/V

    20180104 runs very good as far as I could test. Is the missing calling accounts related to the codec work, which is why I currently cannot use it as daily.